Vengeance on the River of Bats: GEOBASS Returns to PNG

Broken rods and busted egos: the fisherman’s walk of shame. That’s what accompanied Costa’s GEOBASS team home after their first trip to the Oceana island of Papua New Guinea (PNG) last year. Less than 12 months later, the crew headed back for revenge. This time, with an axe to grind.

“By an act of god I survived a venomous bite to my left foot,” described Chris Owens, the comedic lynchpin of the four-man GEOBASS team. “The rest of the crew thinks I was bit by a horse fly and doesn’t believe this story.”

But you don’t need to believe his tale to learn how dangerous —or how rewarding —Papua New Guinea is. That evidence is laid out in clear, polarized detail in the GEOBASS return to a nation that took their pride in last season’s finale.

From witch doctors to hand-built tackle and a seriously epic fishing vessel, the return to PNG is worth a watch and a share:

There’s something about this fishing trip that’s primeval. Even for a series that has, in short time, become famous for off-the-grid adventures, the return to PNG stands out. Maybe that’s easy to do when you’re navigating a river with no official name, or rigging up under swarming legions of bats; however, it’s not easy for any sequel to top the original. A few notable exceptions in cinematic history stand out— The Empire Strikes Back, Toy Story 2, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. 

This GEOBASS episode is not like any of those movies.

It is, however, another trek into a world that most fisherman can only dream about. Papua New Guinea is the kind of place where monsters and legends still thrive. A return to the island comes as a welcome conclusion to an episode that left a few scraps on the plate last season. And this time, the GEOBASS team walks out on top.

It’s can’t-miss viewing for any fisherman worth his salt. Get to it.