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Fishing Tackle Retailer is the only national trade magazine reaching more than 95 percent of the retailers and buyers of fishing and fishing-related equipment in the United States. Our circulation is controlled and verified. FTR reaches the entire tackle distribution system: manufacturers, marketers, wholesalers, and retailers on the local, regional, and national levels—from small independents to regional chain stores to the big boxes! Fishing Tackle Retailer is a finely-tuned, effective, and inexpensive marketing tool for the sportfishing industry. Editorially, it covers all major markets, including bass, walleye, salmon, catfish, panfish, salt and fresh water, fly fishing, and ice fishing.
Large and small marketers use Fishing Tackle Retailer regularly to move their products into and out of the distribution system and into the hands of consumer anglers through Fishing Tackle Retailer’s most avid readers, the retail store sales personnel. These are the people who have day-to-day contact day after day, with the huge army of American anglers.
With seven print editions and a robust 24/7 digital platform, Fishing Tackle Retailer truly is the hotline to the pipeline for the sportfishing industry.
Let us help you increase distribution, sales and profits!
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