GEOBASS Season Finale Tracks Down Black Bass in Papua New Guinea

The epic season finale of Costa’s Geobass series arrived late last week. This time, Costa’s crew of angling explorers loaded their fly gear onto a plane bound for a place halfway around the world from their homes in the U.S.—Papua New Guinea. After hunting down the elusive Emerald Fire and Golden Bass is last month’s episode in Botswana, the boys find themselves on the prowl for a legendary fighting bass of another color in the island country of 7 million just north of Australia.

This bass has supposedly never been caught on a fly rod. This bass has the strength to break 200lb test line. This bass is the Papua New Guinea Black Bass.

Loaded up with IGFA record applications, heavy-duty saltwater fly fishing rods and custom-tied flies the size of small birds, the Geobass boys head upstream on one of the most log-jammed and dangerous rivers in Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is one of the most remote regions left on Earth. The country reportedly hosts over 230 languages, and less than 20% of its population lives in any form of urban center. In many places, the Geobass team needs special permission from tribal leaders just to fish.

Catch the entire video above to see the Geobass adventure for yourself. It’s your best shot to see a Papua New Guinea Black Bass today, and the only way you’ll see how one can annihilate a rod like the one below.