The Fishing Wire Team Expands

The Fishing Wire Team Expands

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Fishing Tackle Retailer and The Fishing Wire over the last few weeks since both media platforms were acquired by Angie Thompson in June. Hopefully you didn’t even notice anything different as we’ve done everything in our power to ensure a seamless transition. While we have some big things in the works for where we plan to take both brands, for now the goal is to continue to provide the same outward-facing product that you’ve come to know and love.

One thing that changed on the back end that you were likely unaware of involves the building of the daily Fishing Wire email. For the past year and a half, Fishing Tackle Retailer’s Digital Editor, Toby Lapinski, has overseen building the email that you receive 5 days per week, 51 weeks per year (we take a week off around the New Year as everyone earns a break every now and then!) Toby took over for Frank Sargeant who had built The Fishing Wire for the previous 10-plus years. Frank left some pretty big shoes to fill, but we’d like to think that Toby did a fine job, building on a great platform and taking The Fishing Wire to new levels that it had never before seen. Our subscriber numbers have steadily grown, and engagement has increased dramatically. Corporate Membership in The Fishing Wire has also expanded, further solidifying the industry’s belief and trust in the brand.

Beginning while Toby was at ICAST with the Fishing Tackle Retailer team, the task of building The Fishing Wire was picked up by a new member of the Fishing Tackle Retailer team, Bobby Thompson. Bobby was tasked with learning the job on the fly during the busiest fishing industry new period of the year, and he was more than up for the challenge. As it turns out, he did such a great job filling in for Toby that he earned himself permanent assignment on the gig, opening up the opportunity for Toby to begin working on some of his new duties as editor of the Fishing Tackle Retailer print magazine (more on that to follow.)

Moving forward, Bobby will continue to build the daily Fishing Wire email with assistance and direction from Toby as needed. There is nothing new that you need to do; just keep opening your Fishing Wire emails while you sip on your morning coffee, and keep sending those press releases, interesting stories and news items to the inbox as you always have. Some days you might hear back from Bobby, other days Toby might be sitting in, but regardless of who is at the helm we will continue to deliver you the most interesting and engaging daily news of the fishing industry. And if you’re looking to speak with Toby directly either to discuss writing for Fishing Tackle Retailer, or just to say hi, you can still email him directly at

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