Angie Thompson Set to Make Waves in the Fishing Industry with Acquisition of Fishing Tackle Retailer Media Platform

Panama City Beach, FL — Fishing business leader and outdoor enthusiast, Angie Thompson, has announced the acquisition of the popular fishing trade media platforms, Fishing Tackle Retailer and The Fishing Wire. The purchase marks a significant move by Thompson to create new opportunities for growth and innovation in the fishing space. With over three decades working in the fishing media industry and a wide range of roles under her belt, Thompson has a 360-degree perspective and in-depth understanding of the recreational fishing business as well as the needs of its retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and consumers.

“I couldn’t be more excited to take the helm at Fishing Tackle Retailer and The Fishing Wire,” said Thompson, “I’m honored to assume responsibility for a 45-year-old brand and I’m serious about the stewardship of the title. Tackle shops are the lifeblood of this huge and important fishing industry and by God’s grace, I will use creative content and storytelling to inspire and educate consumers in support of the fishing business.

Fishing Tackle Retailer has been led for the past 15 years by Brian Thurston and Carlton Veirs.

“What a privilege it has been to be one of the caretakers of Fishing Tackle Retailer and The Fishing Wire,” said Veirs, “It’s hard to imagine a more capable staff or a more gifted editor than Ken Duke. For more than a decade, I believe our media have had a positive impact on the fishing industry. That confidence gives us both a sense of real fulfillment and excitement about the future.”

Thurston added, “Co-owning Fishing Tackle Retailer and The Fishing Wire has without a doubt been the most exciting and rewarding period of my 40-plus years in this industry. Due to the outstanding work of our staff, the properties continue to be such an integral part of the business-to-business communication that impacts retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and our industry partners who have played such an important role in our success. I will miss being a part of this wonderful family, but it is time to pass the reins. I can’t think of a more capable person than Angie Thompson to take these properties to new levels and serve the needs of our partners. It’s been a great ride!”

Thompson began her career as a graphic designer, before producing and directing outdoor programming for ESPN Outdoors. She was also on-camera talent for ESPN2. In 1995, she was part of the executive team that developed the FLW Tour. Five years later she helped conceive and launch ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, which ran for six years and was known as the Olympics of Outdoor Sports.

Her ability to develop new and innovative content led to the position of Director, Television Programming Development for JM Associates, an independent television production company providing video and digital content to major networks such as ESPN, ABC, Nat Geo and The Weather Channel. In 2011 she joined B.A.S.S as VP, Events and Sponsorships and later became VP, Sales. Most recently she has founded Elevated Marketing and Development, an agency servicing brands with marketing strategy, creative assets, integrated content, and digital development. As host of “The Fishing Business Podcast,” she brings the business aspect of the industry to life for aspiring professionals in the fishing space.

With the acquisition of Fishing Tackle Retailer and The Fishing Wire, Thompson is set to bring a fresh approach to the fishing trade media. Her experience has given her the necessary knowledge and skills to lead these print and digital platforms with creativity and vision.

“I’m blessed to be stepping in with a stellar team that has done a fabulous job of delivering fishing business news to retailers and the media for a very long time. I want to continue that tradition while bringing new ideas and innovation to these properties as we continue to inform, educate, and inspire the professionals in this industry. Fishing Tackle Retailer and The Fishing Wire have a bright future ahead, with a focus on staying true to the brand’s mission while embracing new opportunities and technology to continue expanding the boundaries of the fishing industry.

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