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Geobass Goes Off the Grid for Rainbow Bass

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It’s been two months since Costa released a new episode of Geobass, their adventure-filled hunt for big bass in some of the most remote waters on Earth. The last time we caught up with the Geobass team they were in Mexico hunting down a familiar foe— the largemouth bass. But Costa’s latest release takes us even further south into the isolated Central American jungles of Nicaragua.

At stake? A species nobody on the team knew existed until they set off: rainbow bass.

Rainbow bass are a colorful species native to Nicaragua; they’re also an elusive find even online. Only a few publications from North America have covered rainbows, and even the local guide services for rainbow bass appear to be somewhat limited. To make matters more difficult, Geobass decided to try fishing for this little-known bass in a lagoon blocked by miles of thick jungle vegetation.

En route to the lagoon, the Geobass team finds themselves trapped in the midst of an Indiana Jones-esque adventure, bushwhacking through creeks while fending off overly aggressive monkeys and crocodiles.

It’s all a bit over-the-top. It’s also all incredibly epic.

Hit the video above to see the expedition for yourself…it’s okay to be a little jealous.