Mexico is legendary for big bass production. And when you think big bass you think fly fishing.

Wait—that’s wrong.

But fly fishing for largemouth bass is just what you find in Episode 2 of Costa’s Geobass series. Last month, the boys went down to South America in search of Peacock Bass. This month, Costa has released episode two of the webisode series that pits a team of adventuring fly fishermen against some of the largest fish and harshest environments in the western hemisphere.

It’s great content marketing, but it’s also great entertainment.

The latest webisode catches up with the boys as they attempt to drive a truck powered by vegetable oil through Baja, across the Sea of Cortez and into one of the most drug-infested areas in Mexico. It’s worth noting that Costa’s team has almost zero experience fishing for largemouth bass; so there’s a fair bit of humor for seasoned bass pros watching them try to land massive largemouth with floating line and feathered lures.

And just like last time, when the team found themselves surrounded by a drug cartel, another run in with less-than-friendly locals awaits.

We give Geobass episode 2 an A+ for creativity and fun. You can get more info on Geobass and see where the Costa crew is headed next on their website.