Fishidy Releases Embeddable Digital Maps for Your Store

Fishidy is one of the fastest growing digital communities in the fishing industry. With about 250,000 users, and 15,000 new ones every month, they pack a significant punch—one that you can leverage to give your own business a boost. Here’s how to do that.

You’ve seen it before— the weekend tournament angler is gearing up for a few days on the water in search of fortune and fame. It’s mid-week, and that angler is sitting in a boat with a garage light dangling overhead. That angler is huddled over a fish finder studying the contours of a lake. It’s not exactly the most comfortable position to be in.

What if that angler, or any angler, could do their homework not from their sonar unit, but from your website? That’s exactly what Fishidy has created with their new, digital maps tool.

The Fishidy digital maps tool is an easy-to-use widget that lets you embed a Fishidy map of your home waters—or any waters, really—right onto your store’s website. Here’s how it works.

As a sample, let’s take a look at Lake Toho, since that’s the sight of the new ICAST On the Water event sponsored by Fishing Tackle Retailer. (We like to make those sponsorship dollars stretch as far as possible.)

Pretty cool, huh? The map is scalable, zoomable, and comes with handy icons of ramps and other lake features. Hey, look—up top, you can see Big Toho Marina, where our event is being held. And, instead of scrolling around on a fish finder in a boat, we can use our computer to easily scope things out.

This is a solid marketing opportunity for your business. It’s a chance to add some usability and value to your website and another reason for anglers to come visit it.

Creating the map was easy. A quick visit to the Fishidy Labs website takes you to their widget generator, which operates essentially like a giant, fishy Google Map: you just scroll the map to your location, zoom in as far as you’d like, and hit their “generate” button. It’s all user-friendly, and point-and-clickable. When you’re done, you get a code that looks like this:


Your webmaster can copy and paste that code into your website to take it live.

Fishidy Maps are available in both a topographical and satellite view mode. And if your business is a Fishidy partner, the embeddable map reminds consumers where to get tackle closest to the water.