There’s a saying that Facebook is for your past and Twitter is for your future. It’s based on the belief that Facebook promotes interaction with people you’ve already met, while Twitter allows complete strangers around the globe to connect. It makes perfect sense.

But if Facebook is for your past and Twitter is for your future, Fishidy is for your fishing. And let’s be honest, your fishing is the greatest part of life.

Hold on a second.

Right now you’re asking yourself why FTR is comparing two of the largest social networks in the world to something you’ve probably never heard of. The answer is simple, and it’s not a waste of time.

Fishidy is about to become a household name in this industry. We’re dead serious. It’s that awesome.

So what exactly is Fishidy?

Well, foremost it is a social network for fishermen. The network works a lot like Facebook. You share content, build a buddy list, interact with businesses and so on. But unlike Facebook, when you post on Fishidy you aren’t talking to your third-cousin twice removed, some random guy from high school and your great-aunt Tara.

Fishidy’s network puts you in touch with other fishermen—some of whom you know, and some of whom you will have never met. In that sense, it’s also a lot like Twitter. It’s focusing your connections to people who have common interests that can help you catch more fish.

On Fishidy, you have access to contour maps of your favorite lakes thanks to a partnership with Fishing Hot Spots, and instead of simply “liking” a business, you actually follow that lake or waterway.

So if you follow Reelfoot Lake, TN—the closest Fishidy spot to our southern FTR office—you see a list of more than 100 other fishermen who do the same. You also see a local fishing report from an expert on the lake, a contour map, current weather, moon cycle and lake depth.

That’s where the app comes in.

Like any proper social network, Fishidy is supported by a killer-app. If we’re honest, it’s actually a lot more useful than the ones Twitter and Facebook spend millions building. That’s because it has something those networks don’t—focus.

The Fishidy app comes with you out on the water, giving you a live, onboard GPS reference to the contour map. With it, you’re getting Fishing Hot Spots, vegetation and structure maps. Nobody needs to be told how useful that is.

And when you catch a fish, you can brag about it by uploading a photo back to the Fishidy network right from the water (with the option to do so from an undisclosed location).

Right now, Fishidy has about 130,000 users with maps of about 9,000 waterways in the United States. Fishidy Digital Marketing Manager Jon Giacalone says that those numbers are growing thanks to good information. “You can go to fishing forums and you can dig through all the chatter that’s going on there,” says Giacalone, “but it’s not necessarily good quality information.”

With Fishidy, he says, “We wanted to create something different; something that can disrupt the status quo and catch on with what was happening on social media…to get people to share with each other and start following their local fishing communities.”

It seems clear that Giacalone and the small team of eight high-tech anglers at Fishidy are on to something. And there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be on to it too.

By the way, we’ll see you there.