Fishidy is Giving Away a Free Wilderness Systems Kayak

Fishidy is giving away a free Wilderness Systems fishing kayak. The kayak, a Ride 115X Max Angler, is specifically designed to help kayak fishermen perform better on the water. 

“Kayak fishing and mobile app technology go hand-in-hand,” said Fishidy Digital Marketing Manager Jon Giacalone, “Since kayak anglers are obviously in tight spaces and extremely mobile, anything they can use that’s small in size and readily available to help them catch fish is worth considering.”

Giacalone says that’s where Fishidy comes into play.

Fishidy gives kayak anglers an accurate, detailed map of a fishery, as well as information on exactly what places to paddle to and when. It’s also one of the most active fishing communities on the internet, thanks to their own angler-run social network.

Giacalone notes that Fishidy’s community is growing to reflect North America’s growing interest in kayak fishermen. “(We see) Lots of kayak anglers, freshwater and saltwater! And many anglers fishing from canoes and small rowboats as well. Fishidy is the perfect tool to have at hand when the larger, more expensive electronic equipment just isn’t available.”

Fishidy has even set up a special community just for kayak fishermen.

“Kayak anglers have the advantage of stealth so they can get really close to fish-holding structure. That’s where Fishidy’s maps are key! To eliminate a large portion of the water they’re fishing and focus on areas of downed timber, submerged weedlines, etc. really takes the guesswork out of your day and keeps you in areas where you have the best chance of catching more fish. And once a fish is caught they can immediately record it in Fishidy’s mobile app which will capture the GPS coordinates, and then they can confidently return to that same area again knowing they’ve had success there in the past.”

You can enter the contest by heading over to Fishidy’s Braggin’ Board and hitting the link below:

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