Z-Man® GOAT™ Series Baits Redefine Softbait Reality

Ladson, SC – Build a bait with ElaZtech® and crazy ideas become perfectly sane. Implausible turns into totally doable. Reckless becomes radical. Take, for instance, the prospect of boating a hundred bass on the same, single bait. Or yanking the soft critter from the death-grip of a razor-toothed pike with nary a rip. Or fish it on a jig in 20 feet of water and then put the same bait on a weedless hook to buzz matted grass.

“What do you expect? It’s the GOAT!” exclaims Joey Nania, professional angler and guide and host of Sweetwater Fishing TV. “The question isn’t, Where will this bait work? It’s, Where won’t it catch bass? Aren’t too many baits that fish effectively shallow, deep, in heavy cover and on the surface.

“Maybe we should have named it the ‘Transformer,’ instead?”

A compact, hybrid bait, the Z-Man GOAT glides on the drop and continuously kicks, flaps and vibrates at any speed. The GOAT’s buoyant ElaZtech construction allows anglers to present bass with a lively morsel whether fished subsurface or right on top. “Extensive prototyping allowed us to really dial in leg thickness, length, and angle and tune the paddle tails like two individual swimbaits in one,” Nania explains.

Poured and molded in three proven sizes, GOAT series baits feature a flattened, segmented grub profile that transitions to twin flapper legs and matching paddle tails. Curved to catch and move more water, the GOAT’s tails commence thumping the moment you turn the reel handle.

Rig it as a jig or ChatterBait® trailer. Ned rig it. Jig it. Swim it. Hop it. Flip it. Texas rig it. Whatever you do, just remember: This is NOT a topwater bait.