YOLOTek Takes Home Best Giftware with PowerStick

SHAWNEE MISSION, Kansas— Kansas City-based company YOLOtek announced today that their original PowerStick has won Best in Show in the Giftwares category at the 2015 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST), the world’s largest sportfishing trade show.

The PowerStick, which plugs into a boat’s navigation light port and allows boaters and anglers to securely charge their cell phones while on the water, received the top honor in its category being selected as one of only 24 products to earn a Best in Show title at this year’s event.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that the PowerStick was named Best in Show in its category,” said Christian  Corley, Founder and product developer of YOLOtek. “We knew we had a great product, but its always gratifying to get validated and recognized by the top people in the industry. This is truly amazing.” 

First released in December 2014, the PowerStick was developed after Corley received a request for help from his father and brother, Roger and Bryan Corley. Both tournament bass anglers, the pair was looking for a way to keep their phones from losing battery power while they were on the water, so they called Corley, an entrepreneur and inventor with a proven track record of creating new products and bringing them to market quickly. Just 18 hours after receiving their call, Corley had designed the PowerStick and was ready for his family to give it a test run. After receiving positive feedback from his father and brother, Corley looked to test the product on an angler outside of his family and called Elite Angler Casey Scanlon with whom he had connected on a previous product release. Like Roger and Bryan Corley, Scanlon also was thrilled by the product and its results. 

“What we’ve found is that this product meets a huge need for anyone who wants to capture photos or video from their phones while on the water,” said Corley, who has since received official endorsements from Scanlon and another top angler, Brandon Coulter. “Some people have told us they’ve been waiting for a product like this for years, so it’s truly our honor to be able to bring it to life for them and help them capture those exciting moments on the water.” 

Since producing the PowerStick, YOLOtek has released three additional products: the AquaStick, AquaStickPRO and OL’ SALTY, all of which allow boaters and anglers to securely record footage from multiple angles using action sport cameras while on the water. YOLOtek’s second release, the AquaStickPRO, already has gained a footing in the industry, being named one of the top 13 products at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo in February and becoming the Official Power Mount Provider of Major League Fishing in late June.

“The industry has been so welcoming to us,” said Corley. “We appreciate everyone who has given our products a chance, and we hope to continue developing new products that allow us to enhance the fishing and boating experience and to show the world how great this sport truly is.”