Yamaha Announces New Colors for Portable Outboards

KENNESAW, Ga.- Yamaha Marine announced new color options for the F25, T25 and T9.9 models. This summer, Yamaha will offer a matte brown color for the F25 as well as the traditional Yamaha Grey glossy finish. In addition, Yamaha will offer pearlescent white for select T25 and T9.9 high thrust models.

“Both of these new color options give Yamaha owners more opportunity to customize the look of their boats without compromising reliability and performance,” said David Meeler, Manager, Technical Marketing, Yamaha Marine Product Management Division. “The matte finish on the F25 is ideal for waterfowl hunting because the brown and black coloration blends very well with the typical surroundings. The white option for the T25 and T9.9 models allow boaters to match these portables with their larger horsepower brethren.”

The all-new matte brown finish on the F25 provides less reflection and helps conceal the outboard to give waterfowl hunters an edge. Going from the 8D Yamaha grey to the matte brown, Yamaha reduced the light reflective value (IG-340) from 85.0 (8D) to 8.1 (matte brown).

The new brown finish also better compliments today’s camouflage-painted boats. If the boater wishes to incorporate extra camouflaging on these outboards, there is no need to sand and prime, risking damage to the factory-applied corrosion protection or the cosmetic appearance of the outboard. The matte brown color makes an excellent base layer for added camo treatments.

The matte brown finish for the F25 model and the pearlescent white option for the T25 and T9.9 models will be available in the summer of 2023.

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