Yakima Unveils Hildebrandt Finesse Walleye Spinner

A new Hildebrandt Finesse Walleye Spinner has been developed by Yakima Bait Company for use in clear water. The new spinner harness rig features a premium Hildebrandt Colorado style spinner blade tied on 15-pound test invisible fluorocarbon leader ahead of two fish attracting red hooks.

 The new Hildebrandt Finesse comes in two blade sizes, a size 1 and a size 2.

Available in eight productive blade colors including nickel, copper, genuine 24K gold plate, and several painted blade combinations. The Finesse Walleye Rig is designed to be tipped with a night crawler, worm or leech and mostly fished behind a bottom walker, like the Spin-N-Glo Bottom Walker.    

For more information go to www.yakimabait.com.