Wired2fish Announces a New Product Line with an Environmental Initiative

At Wired2fish.com, bass fishing is king. They love creating original fishing content daily that over ½ million anglers each month can grab ahold of, enjoy, and apply to the everyday pleasure of fishing. For them, fishing is not just a pastime, source of fun, or profession but a study of the art of fishing, the environment, and the proper/best tackle for the best fishing success.

All anglers know that nothing beats a sunrise over the water with a hot cup of coffee and the anticipation of that first fish when it comes to fishing. So, with that thought in mind and the natural fit of “Wired”, Wired2fish has launched Wired2fish Coffee. And, because of Wired’s obvious love for fishing, it was a natural decision to donate a percentage of net profit to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to improve bass habitat.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission currently plants native aquatic vegetation to provide fish habitat for both forage fish and predators such as Largemouth Bass. However, they currently can only grow enough vegetation to complete 4-5 reservoir projects annually. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is in the process of funding a new Aquatic Plant Nursery, which will potentially expand the commission’s capacity by 400% and will allow staff to expand the number of projects it can accomplish each year. They also will be able to complete research on proper planting techniques and understand which plants work best. In addition, this increased capacity will hopefully allow NCWRC to partner with organizations like North Carolina BASS and other angling groups to develop an “Adopt a Reservoir” program to help in their efforts to improve bass habitat in waters throughout the state.

Corey Oakley of NCWRC commented, “Our greenhouse initiative is a proven scientific effort that allows plants that are healthy for fish habitat to be planted and propagate where they would otherwise not have a chance. We want to thank Wired2fish for recognizing the importance of this program to bass anglers in our area. We are excited to be partnered with them in this initiative.”

“Wired2fish is known for innovation, exploration, and passion for fishing,” stated Todd Hammill, CEO of Wired2fish. “Loving fishing as we do and enjoying coffee, we thought that a vehicle like Wired2fish coffee would allow us an extra revenue stream from which we could easily ‘give back’ while we broaden our net, potentially bringing new viewers to our platform that benefit our advertising partners. After months and months of the entire Wired2fish staff tasting and re-tasting various custom coffees, we found one that ‘tastes like coffee’, which means it tastes good to us. We are excited to share this with the fishing community and even more excited to be able to give back to the NCWRC in support of a program that sustains the sport we love.”

Wired2fish Coffee is an exclusive, coffee house quality, medium blend, not over-roasted or bitter. Anglers can not only get “wired to fish” today by pre-ordering at wired2fishcoffee.com but can also know as they enjoy that cup of joe that they are also giving back to the great sport of fishing. Wired2fish Coffee will begin shipping in May.