Winn Seeks Retailers for Rod Grip Service Center Network

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can give an old rod new grips!

Winn Inc., is looking for retailers, custom rod builders and tackle repair operations to become Winn Service Center affiliates to retrofit valued fishing rods in angler arsenals with handsome, high-performance Winn rod grips.

“Winn rod grip replacement gives the retailer a chance to add a new profit center to operations,” said Elmer Alfafara, business development manager. “Winn will train service center participants in how to remove cork and EVA foam rod grips quickly and easily and to install grips made from our patented WinnDry polymer in any configuration. We will also provide informative materials for in-store display.”

Retrofitting a rod with Winn’s premium grips takes only minutes. Winn’s versatile grip system features Straight Taper, Curve Taper and Elliptical grips suitable to a wide range of full and split grip combinations. Winn also offers grips for big water game fish, fly rods and specialty rod applications.

The Huntington Beach, Calif.-based manufacturer of advanced polymer grips for sports equipment debuted an expanded line of stylish rod grips and a highly versatile new grip system in March.


Multi-textured Winn grips come in four primary color and design combinations. Created by distinguished aerospace scientist and polymer expert Dr. Ben Huang, Winn grips maintain their tacky feel in wet weather and temperature extremes and for better casting distance and accuracy and enhanced angler control in fighting fish.

“Old slick cork grips and deformed EVA handles force lots of our favorite rods into retirement prematurely,” noted Alfafara, who is heading the service center recruitment effort. “Add Winn grips to the rod, and it will perform better than it did the day it came home from the tackle shop!”

A global service network of retailers and club stores has elevated Winn to leadership in the golf grip market. The company hopes to replicate that success in the fishing tackle industry.

Winn will be available to discuss Winn Service Center opportunities and display its rod grip system and latest product offerings at the 2015 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida, July 15-17.

For more information on Winn rod grips and becoming part of the Winn service center network, contact Elmer Alfafara, phone: 714-373-6271; email: or Mike Coelho, national sales manager, phone: 714-373-6271; email: