Winn Rod Grips Expands Distribution

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Winn Inc. has partnered with multiple tackle distributors, including Mud Hole Custom Tackle, Get Bit Outdoors, and Swampland Tackle, to sell its full line of premium fishing rod grips.

“With these three companies now carrying our line, fishermen and rod makers at every level will be able to purchase our products and to enjoy the performance and design benefits of Winn rod grips,” said Mark Christensen, brand manager for Winn.

Winn rod grips are made from Winn’s patented WinnDry polymer, which maintains its tacky feel and aids angler comfort and control even through rain and snow and temperature extremes.

Winn also has created custom grips for premium rod lines of CastAway and Hammer Rods and for award-winning rods from Redington Fly Rods, and Cabela’s.

The launch of its array of colorful, multi-textured rear grips, split grips, fly rod grips, saltwater grips and other specialty grips caps more than a year of intense product development and globe-trotting to tackle expositions in Asia, Europe and North America.

“We have tested countless grips in our R&D lab, and we continue to work with custom rod builders and fishermen on improvements and new designs,” said Mike Coelho, national sales manager. “We will have an expanded line in 2015 and new products for the show season.”

In addition to providing grips to OEMs and custom rod builders, Winn will be working with retailers, rod builders and rod repair services on after-market rod grip replacement.

Mud Hole Custom Tackle, with a 15,000 square foot facility in Oviedo, Fla., lays claim to being the world’s largest supplier of tackle crafting supplies. It provides rod-building supplies to small rod manufacturers, hobbyists and large OEMs around the world. Phone 1-866-790-7637 or 1-407-447-7637.

Get Bit Outdoors is a rod building component distributor in Oviedo, Fla. Phone: 407-542-7840.

Swampland Tackle, specializing in custom rod building and repair, is located in Houma, La. Phone: 985-852-1703.

For more information on Winn Rod Grips, see the Winn Grips Fishing website at:, or contact Mark Christensen, phone: 1 (714) 373-6271; email;

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Dr. Ben Huang’s storied career began when he worked under Dr. Wernher Von Braun in the development of the Saturn V rocket that would take astronaut Neil Armstrong to the moon. The Georgia Institute of Technology invited him in 1964 to establish the university’s Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering, where Dr. Huang produced 16 PhD graduates before moving on to his business career. His long-held love of tennis led to the establishment of Winn in 1973 and landmark innovations in tennis balls, tennis strings, and tennis grips. In 1996, he applied his experience in advanced polymer technology to develop the first of multiple generations of Winn golf grips, which have brought him international acclaim.

Winn Incorporated, based in Huntington Beach, California, is a pioneer in polymer technology and worldwide manufacturer high performance grips for golf clubs, tennis rackets, tools, and fishing rods. It operates a state-of-the-art factory in China.