The Future of Fishing Rods Could be in Your Own Hands! Enter FTR’s “Winn Rod Building Contest”

FTR’s Winn Grip Rod Building Contest offers rod builders and rod repair/replacement specialists a chance not only to see the future but to shape it, too!

Enter the competition, and you will receive one of the new rod grips or rod grip combinations made from patented Winn polymers with the chance to win up to 25 more of the space-age grips and industry-wide recognition for your rod building operation!

These rod grips aren’t colored foam or blends of cork and plastic but advanced polymers that offer anglers tacky feel and unprecedented control in rain, snow, ice and temperature extremes. Developed by Dr. Ben Huang, who worked with Dr. Wernher Von Braun in the development of the Saturn V rocket that catapulted American astronauts to the moon, Winn rod grips are the industry’s first space-age alternative to the cork and EVA handles that have dominated the industry.

Act today! Entry opportunity ends soon!

The rules are simple, and it costs you nothing to enter

The first 50 respondents to enter and qualify will receive a free Winn rod grip. Use your imagination, creative talents and rod building expertise to fashion a handsome and functional fishing rod employing one of the latest Winn rod grips. You may win one of our three rod grip awards — and further opportunity to advance the rod-building craft and angling excellence!

Here’s all you have to do!

  • Fill out the form below.
  • Describe the type of rod you intend to build or the rod that you would replace with a Winn rod grip.
  • Select the Winn rod grip type and color along with a secondary choice should the grip of your choice not be available. See the Winn website: under the “All Grips” menu heading. Please provide the specific model # of the grip found on the website.
  • Submit the form.

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Those selected will receive their Winn rod grip along with additional information on the grips, a questionnaire, and procedures on how to photograph the finished rod project and submit photos.

Winn rod grips will be available to custom rod builders, retailers and distributors for rod building and as after-market replacements for cork, EVA or other rod grips on existing rods.

For more information, contact Mark Christensen at Winn Grips. Email: ; phone (714) 373-6271