What’s Old is New Again: Fenwick Brings Fiberglass Back

Some things are just too good to not be shared with the next generation of anglers and a vintage style fiberglass fly rod crafted by Fenwick is one of those things. For those of us that remember the early days of cutting our fly fishing-teeth chunking popping bugs on the family pond or delicately dropping a feathered fly on a trout stream, those memories come streaming back (pun intended) with Fenwick’s retro-styled Fenglass Fly Rod.

When word got out that Fenwick was reentering the fly fishing market, not only with a glass rod, but one featuring the same look, and brown tones (but with a beautiful translucent finish) of their earliest models, the fly fishing community buzzed with excitement, including myself. Shortly after gaining entry to ICAST’s New Product Showcase, I made my way over to the fly rod display to view and hold the rod for myself. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, and this Fenglass rod was a lighter and sleeker version of the glass rods from yesteryear.

The new 6-wt. rod is styled after the action of the old FF rod and the action gets a little faster as they go up in line weight and slower as they go down in weight. The Fenglass line will be available in six sizes ranging from 3- to 8-wt. With more bend, the rods are sweet for feeling the cast, so are ideal for fishing light tippets and they are just plain fun!

Fenwick Rod Engineer Greg Allison display the new, vintage combo
Fenwick Rod Engineer Greg Allison display the new, vintage combo

The lighter versions are perfect for dry fly fishing and the models built for heavier lines are suited for throwing heavy flies to bass and even inshore saltwater species. These rods are made for “intimate” fishing – situations where fish are spooky or quarters are tight. They range from $200 to $250 in price.

Pflueger completes the “vintage” perfect union with its rebirth of the classic Medalist fly reel (2015 ICAST Best Fly Reel). The all-aluminum fly reel sports the look of its traditional former self. The standard arbor boasts enhanced machine construction and the amber polymer handle adds to the classic look. It is available in three sizes and the MSRP starts at $120.

Fenwick doesn’t forget bass fishermen who prefer the “not-so-long” rod, by bringing back the Lunkerstik glass rods that were popular in the 1970s and 80s. Today, they are made from a lighter-weight fiberglass and Fenwick added a carbon spiral wrap to the core of the rod for added strength. They are moderate in action and especially suited for fishing treble hook lures and crankbaits.

Whether your customers gained their love of fishing decades ago with a glass rod, or have never cast one, they will appreciate the design and feel of today’s glass by Fenwick with the vintage look of yesterday.