Westin Strengthens Team in Austria

“Rene Winklinger joins Westin as sales rep for Austria, where he will report to our German & Austrian country manager Enrico Di Ventura. Thomas Sanotra, Westin COO explains and adds; “Rene’s experience, skills in salesmanship and knowledge of the local market along with his high skills as a predator angler gives us great belief in the future development of our market position on the Austrian market.

Austria have a strong following of predator anglers and our product mix fit’s perfectly to the market.”.

Great times ahead

Rene has a great track record in the tackle industry. Ten years ago, he started to import US-build boats for the local market. From there he moved to northern Germany to work in the tackle industry for some years. Back in Austria he is now a self-employed tackle distributer where he among other sells Westin products. “It is a great honor for me to be a part of such a strong team, Rene states and ads, I think it will be a great and exiting time ahead. It will be a pleasure to bring Westin products to Austria, we sure need them!”

Predator-angler to the core

Apart from being a well proven salesman Rene is also a skilled predator angler.
He has a long line of impressive catches in the bag and is on the Hobie Kayak fishing team. He has contended several large competitions in Europe and Amer- ica. Being a skilled angler Rene recog- nizes the quality of the high-end Westin products, which he loves.

About Westin

The very first Westin lure was created by the late Ingvar Westin, a skilled tool maker who wanted to make a toy for his children. He carved a fish which wriggled and rolled like a real fish as they dragged it through the water. And since it looked like an oversized pike lure, he Christened it the ‘Jätte’ – the Swedish word for giant. The Westin Jätte was born, and with it was an entire new fishing movement – the Westin roll.

Westin has grown to become a significant force in European lure, predator, and sea fishing over the years and has been growing globally in a strong way over the last few years. Its expansion into North America has been a steady success story, with much more still to come.