Wendy Tochihara Named IGFA California Representative

Wendy Tochihara, a director for United Anglers of Southern California and radio personality in the world of sportfishing, has been named the newest California Representative to of the largest regional group of International Game Fish Association, announced Michael Farrior, I.G.F.A Trustee. In addition to her radio work, Tochihara conducts seminars and speaks on behalf of anglers’ issues.

“Tochihara has been a recognized and respected voice for sportfishing for many years, beginning long before she began broadcasting on Southern California radio; and will be a great addition to our growing California I.G.F.A. Team,” said I.G.F.A Trustee and Historian Farrior. She is “Well-respected, well-liked, and hard-working with a marvelous collection of grass roots wisdom of ‘everything fishy.’ We welcome her input,” Farrior concluded.

“Wendy is a great rep for the industry. She has some connection to almost every facet of fishing,” said Harry Okuda, retired dentist and avid angler.

Her parents introduced Wendy, a former child actress, along with her twin sister and brother, Brian Tochi, an actor, screenwriter, film director and producer, to sportfishing. Those early family camping and fishing trips remain fond memories. After becoming a parent herself, she renewed her interest in fishing, heading to a local lake to fish every Friday to get away and relax. As she tells it, it was her day “to change bait – not diapers.”

Those regular Friday fishing trips led to her first working at the lake, then working as a call screener on Fish Talk Radio, and eventually to becoming the radio host of “Women in Fishing” and “Kids Corner.” According to her resume, she is a long-time co-host on the popular Rod and Reel Radio Show, president of the Chuck Byron Youth Art Foundation, and National Sales Manager for Izorline International. She is equally as comfortable on the bow of a bass boat as she is at the rail of one of San Diego’s fleet of sportfishers.

When told of her recent appointment as an I.G.F.A. Representative, Tochihara appreciatively acknowledged, “I’m honored that Michael Farrior nominated me and thankful of the Representative Committee’s endorsement. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with I.G.F.A Representatives encouraging conservation and responsible angling, both principles I truly support.”