Underwater Angling Renaissance

Minneapolis, Minn. – A captivating ice angling trend is afoot. Folks who’ve never stepped onto frozen water have suddenly, literally become transfixed by the sport. Even grizzled veterans of countless on-ice campaigns have been smitten by the technological advances.

Fishing through holes in the ice is nice, they say. But never was ice fishing more fun or compelling than it’s been since we first glimpsed below the surface with a MarCum underwater camera. This amazing device has unleashed a whole new world of angling discovery. I once was blind, but now I see . . .

At the heart of this eye-opening development are two essential MarCum Technologies underwater viewing systems—the economical new vs385c and vs385. Each built on high-resolution flatscreen LCDs, these efficient underwater camera systems have at once made underwater viewing easier and more affordable for ice fishing’s growing ranks.

“Crazy cool stuff,” declares Ice Force pro and camera champion Tony Boshold. “People who’ve ice fished for years are suddenly buzzing with excitement because of these new MarCum cameras. It’s like they’re watching their bobber go down for the first time. Spying on the underwater world; doing things like viewing fish bite your lure underwater—that’s electrifying stuff, man.”

Painting rich underwater landscapes in vivid color (vs385c) or black-and-white (vs385), this dynamic camera duo relies on waterproof 7-inch widescreens with a sharp 800 x 480 pixel resolution. Each viewing system employs premium Sony optics (vs385c – Sony Super HAD II CCD; vs385 – Sony Super HAD CCD) with 75-feet of cable and built in Darkwater® LED Lighting Technology. The vs385c also features a switchable Color/B&W display for maximizing viewing clarity under all conditions.

Never before have so many radical viewing system features been packed into such competitively priced packages. Like their tricked-out sister systems, both the MarCum vs385c and vs385 come sheathed in a protective custom soft-pack. Completing these “fish ready” units is a 12-volt 7-amp rechargeable battery, 3-stage auto battery charger and a camera Down-View/Stabilizer Fin.

Underwater cameras have become standard equipment. MarCum Technologies ensures that quality and performance will remain standard issue, too.

About Marcum Technologies
Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Versa Electronics, MarCum Technologies offers the highest standards in underwater viewing systems and flasher-sonar units available today. For more information and a 2011 MarCum catalog, contact Versa Electronics, 3943 Quebec Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55427. For customer service, please contact us at 888-778-1208 or email us at service@versae.com . Website is www.marcumtech.com.