What is Ugly Stik Doing to hit One Million Facebook Fans?

Earlier this week, Ugly Stik announced a first in the fishing tackle industry—they’ve hit one million fans on Facebook. Here’s the release:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Ugly Stik reached one million Facebook fans this week, making it the first fishing tackle brand to achieve that milestone.Ugly Stik’s Facebook page went live in February 2011 and has been an important part of the brand’s digital media ever since.

Photos, videos and product news from the world of Ugly Stik are posted to the Facebook page along with giveaways to reward the avid fan base. As part of the path to one million fans Ugly Stik rewarded more than three dozen lucky fans with gift cards and product during the Ugly Million giveaway.

“Even though we are witness to passionate customers and fans every day, it is exciting to reach another Ugly Stik milestone by growing to over 1,000,000 strong on Facebook,” said Josh Silva, Brand Marketing Manager – Shakespeare, “It’s an excellent opportunity to help us connect with our fanbase, and we thank them all for sharing our passion.”

Along with its Facebook page, Ugly Stik is active on other social media platforms such as Twitter (@UglyStik), YouTube (/UglyStikTV) and Instagram (@UglyStik).

[divider]Editor’s Take[/divider]

What is Ugly Stik doing to attract fans? As any business with a Facebook page can attest, simply having a Facebook page does not guarantee fans, and having fans does not guarantee engagement or product movement. Ugly Stik has done an excellent job of playing to Facebook’s strengths by playing a few key cards:

1) Contests

Some social media experts will tell you that contests are the bread-and-butter of Facebook growth. It’s a logic that’s difficult to dismiss. People love free stuff, and if you’ve ever been witness to a t-shirt cannon at a sporting event you know that many of them will go to extremes to get it. Thankfully, liking a Facebook page is easier than chasing down a soaring, CO2-powered cotton projectile in a crowd. The post below is a nice illustration of Ugly Stik’s push to one million.

2) They’re telling a story
Below you’ll see an example of a milestone post. Facebook’s current idea of a strong brand page is one with set milestones. They want you to tell fans the story of your company. When were you founded? How did your business get started?
When you hit a major milestone in your business’s Facebook “life”, update it accordingly. Here, Ugly Stik is thanking fans with a graphic (i.e: something they can easily engage with) for their help in making their business page succeed. That’s bringing fans into the Ugly Stik team as well as promoting the brand.

3) Creative content
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make creative content. You already know that in the fishing industry, people love to fish. Ugly Stik did three things well in the post below. They created a catchy hashtag for fans to share photos under (#monstermonday), followed it up with a brand catchphrase (#uglyneverquits) and selected a photo with good composition and sight lines to draw people, who are quickly scanning their newsfeed, into the scene.

Of course, these are not the only keys to creating a highly successful brand presence on Facebook, but they are excellent footsteps to follow along the way. To become the next Ugly Stik, you’ll likely need the help of somebody with graphic design skills to combine with your intimate knowledge of your customers, and maybe even a tutorial on Facebook pages.
All of that may sound intimidating, but you can do it. Remember, a great Facebook page can start in the same place the idea for your store did—with a thought inside your head, a note under your pen and behind a can-do attitude.