Tycoon Tackle Adds New Agent in South Carolina

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA – Today, Tycoon Tackle, Inc. announced the addition of Haddrell’s Point Tackle as a new Certified Agent in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, South Carolina. 

Haddrell’s Point Tackle has two locations in the Charleston area and is family owned.  The stores have a comfortable atmosphere with products and services that are focused on all types of fishing. In addition to fishing tackle, the friendly staff of Haddrell’s Point Tackle can recommend the proper baits, strategy, and the information needed for angling success in the waters off of South Carolina and beyond. 

Mike Able, President of Haddrell’s Point Tackle said, “Haddrell’s Point Tackle is very pleased to team up with Tycoon Tackle, an icon of the fishing industry. Having  operated Haddrell’s Point Tackle for the pass thirty-three years, and my sons plans to continue,  reflects on what I see in Tycoon Tackle having long family ties.    Tycoon Rod Company builds rods to tackle some of the largest fish ever for today’s anglers with a touch of the past. Anglers will enjoy fishing with a rod built for  saltwater and having a story to tell at the moment of purchase.” 

Tim O’Brien, President of Tycoon Tackle said, “We are excited to have the Able family and Haddrell’s Point Tackle as one of our Certified Agents.  They have a proven track record and have earned an impeccable reputation in the industry.  Their understanding and knowledge of fishing tackle and of the sport of angling  will be a tremendous asset to our company.  I am looking forward to working with them in the coming years.”

Tycoon Tackle, Inc. is a Virginia-based angling outfitter that originated in Miami, Florida in 1935.  The company was on the scene in the formative years of big-  game angling and at one time more than 95% of all world record fish were caught on the company’s fishing rods. Tim O’Brien, President and CEO of the company,    said, “The company started as a one-man shop and in time grew to become a leader in the angling world, by not only making the best and most desirable fishing    rods but by being a leader in promoting the catch and release of gamefish.”  The company is still family owned and committed to manufacturing its products in the  United States of America.