Turn Back Shad Turning Heads as Ice Thickens

Winter is close at hand for most of the north and with that comes the sounds of sleds and augers as avid ice anglers head to their favorite ‘hard water’ spots. New lures abound for the 2018 ice season, and one of the latest to be tied to the business end of the line is the Freedom Tackle Turn Back Shad. Brand new for this ice season, this vertical jig has a few unique features that set it apart from the competition.

Full Metal Jigging

The Turn Back Shad features a full metal body and tail. “We wanted to provide a solution to the number one problem with vertical jigs and that is the tail fins breaking off. Using a strong, non-lead material has allowed the tail and body to be formed as one while keeping the weights similar to what anglers are used to” says Mike Tamburro, owner and avid ice angler. “One other benefit of using these materials is the lures are considered Eco-Friendly for anglers in areas where that is needed.”

Turn Back Action

Freedom then took the metal shaft line tie from their popular tournament winning Minnow Spoon and this allowed the metal body to spin freely around the wire creating the unique “Turn Back” action. “The action was a huge bonus when we were prototyping” Tamburro states. “A typical vertical jig will swim in a circle when fished but ours will glide away from the center and then pivot 180 degrees and head the other way. The product name came easy when we loved the way that it “turned back” the opposite direction.”

Multiple Attractions

Freedom Co-founder Nick Tamburro adds “The wire shaft produces sound from the glass bead banging the body and the quick change wire wrap allows anglers to easy change the belly hook to match their style of fishing or conditions. When we combined the action and sound with the realistic looking 3-D design of this bait we knew we had a winner. Fishing the prototypes last ice season confirmed our beliefs”

Freedom designed the lure sizes for anglers chasing panfish to walleye. 4 sizes are available from 1 1/4 ” to 2 3/4 ” in length. Weights range from 3/32 oz for the smallest to 1 oz for the largest.  8 colors in a mix of natural, UV and Glow UV in proven fish catching designs are now shipping to retailers and distributors with an MSRP of $6.99 to $8.49 US.