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Tungsten Goes Tactical

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Joe Crumrine knows the deal with sinkers—they need to be durable, they need to be affordable, and most of all, they need to work. At ICAST 2017, the president of Bullet Weights will debut an all-new tungsten sinker that comes with a tactical twist: a matte black build that’s impervious to wear. It’s called Tactical Tungsten, and it hits the market at a time when alternatives to the age-old lead sinker couldn’t be hotter.

“The finish isn’t painted on,” says Crumrine. “It’s a tarnish on the metal that we fuse into the sinker during the pouring process. It can’t chip off. It can’t scratch. That sinker is matte black for life.”

Bullet Weights knows that different situations call for different sinkers. “Some fishermen want bright colors at times. Some fishermen want glossy colors, but other times you don’t want to bring as much attention to the weight, and for those times, we’ve created Tactical Tungsten.”

FLW Pro Jeremy Lawyer got his hands on Tactical Tungsten at the recent FLW Tour event in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. There, in the swirling waters of the Mississippi River, Lawyer deployed the sinker that he’d spent the past few months refining with Bullet Weights. “I had them on three rods,” the FLW Tour rookie said. “I used a Zoom Speed Craw with a 5/16-ounce sinker all the way up to 3/8-ounce with a Brush Hog. The way I fish, I like to use the lightest sinker possible for any application. In high pressure situations, fish sometimes respond negatively to flash and shine. When you have a matte sinker like the Tactical Tungsten, it doesn’t put off any shine. In super clear water, that’s going to keep fish off of ‘high alert’ and help you get more bites.”

Lawyer says the Tactical Tungsten makes a unique sound in the water that fish aren’t used to yet, that any time you have something new like that tied on, it’s going to give you an edge. But, by far, his favorite feature of the sinker is its finish. “The thing that stands out to me early on is the value of it. I have a bucket of sinkers on my deck that are chipped and tarnished. They still work, but they have little places where the metal shines through. With this sinker, I don’t have to worry about the paint getting beaten off. A fisherman never has to worry about this sinker losing its finish.”

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“Tungsten is a product that more and more people are going to be using in the future,” adds Crumrine. “It’s an area where Bullet Weights continues to see growth. We keep expanding our tungsten lineup as new opportunities arise, and Tactical Tungsten is a performance product that’s going to be hot in the bass market. It’s going to be especially hot in California, Florida and Texas where guys are really loving the denser properties of tungsten for flipping.”

How to order: Crumrine says dealers interested in selling Tactical Tungsten can contact Bullet Weights directly at [email protected] or 1-800-872-0131. “We’ll work directly with you to make sure you get in contact with a rep that can visit you in person,” he adds.

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