TUF®-Line SuperCast® Feels Like Mono… Performs Like Braid

Supercast, as the name implies this is the longest-casting and easiest handling superline we have ever developed. Utilizing a revolutionary post process coating that adds lubricity, SuperCast will change the way you think about braided line. The coating allows the line to have superior castability and distance compared to monofilament, fluorocarbon, or standard braided lines. The added lubricity allows knots to cinch down tighter for higher strength and security.

Traditionally braided lines create a noisy telltale sound as the line moves through the rod guides. In situations where your line is over a log or timber the sound that braided lines generate can spook nearby fish. SuperCast with its smooth outer coating quietly glides through the rod guides allowing for longer distance and effortless casting. So now when you find yourself with your line over wood or when you are trying to punch through thick weeds and vegetation SuperCast will give you that stealthy approach.

SuperCast eliminates common issues associated with spinning reels when using braided lines: poor bail performance, tip wraps, and wind knots so if you have been hesitant to try braided lines on your spinning reels SuperCast is the perfect choice. For casting reel applications the ultra-round construction of SuperCast virtually eliminates the lines ability to dig into itself and will give you trouble free handling all day long. So whether you are using a casting or spinning reel you will find this to be the quietest and easiest to manage superline ever designed.

Manufactured with a unique bi-component process SuperCast incorporates an exclusive inside out coating process that ensures a perfectly round, smooth, and highly abrasion resistant superline that does not break down or lose its rigidity with prolonged use. The coating process of SuperCast ensures permanent coloration of the line so the color won’t fade, flake, or bleed.

SuperCast delivers a significant advancement in superlines by producing a line that has the smoothness and handling of monofilament and the toughness of braid.

Designed for both fresh and saltwater use and is proudly made in the USA, SuperCast is available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, and 30 pound tests in 100, 125, 300 and 2500 yard lengths in both green and hi-vis yellow.