TroKar Open-Eye Siwash Hooks

DENVER, COLORADO – Lazer TroKar has recently announced some of the newest hooks to their wicked line-up of surgically sharpened fishhooks that have become known for their unreal penetration and superior strength and durability.

The TroKar TK440 & TK440B are two gnarly new open-eye Siwash hooks designed to give anglers the option to replace their factory installed trebles on their favorite lures, spoons and jigs. A longtime favorite in the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes Regions , the Siwash hook has grown in popularity and has now taken the next evolutionary step by getting a full re-design from the folks at Lazer TroKar.

The TK440 comes equipped with a beefy high-carbon steel wire that undergoes multiple tempering processes to ensure a super strong hook that has an eye that closes under reasonable pressure. The TroKar Siwash is also configured with wide gap and a geometrically correct bend, which ensures that hook ups come all the way to the boat every time! Proven and tested on the most punishing and grueling rivers and fish available, the TK440 has no equals.

Offered in a barbless version as the TK440B, the TroKar Siwash hook’s penetration is unsurpassed. The first surgically sharpened fishhook in the world has truly found a cult following of loyal anglers who desire and insist on the best gear available, and the TroKar TK440 Siwash is it! Offered in sizes 1 – 7/0 and finished in a durable and corrosion resistant Black Chrome, the TroKar Siwash comes with a variable piece count based on hook size.

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