Triple Fish and Trik Fish Merge Ordering Process

All of your fishing line and leader needs from Triple Fish and Trik Fish now can be met with one order. That’s because the two brands are being sold exclusively by one Florida-based company, with headquarters in Clermont. For product information/pricing you can call 352-243-0873 or e-mail at

“We are pleased to offer both of these quality European products,” said Owner and CEO Dave Burkhardt. For our 30 plus years in the fishing industry, we have maintained the highest level of service to our customers, and with both of these brands, we will continue to do so.

“Whether you want Triple Fish or Trik Fish, we fill your orders promptly”…

Products include monofilaments, copolymers, and fluorocarbon lines in a large variety of strengths and spool sizes, as well as camouflage and clear leaders on wrist spools made famous by Triple Fish.

“Triple Fish has been the No. 1 choice for leader materials since the early 1980’s, when we introduced the original camo line,” Burkhardt said.

Additionally, we have provided “the Best Value” in premium Fluorocarbon for over a dozen years.