Top Brands Agree, Wired2fish’s Technology Platform Gets Results

Cleverly disguised as a sleepy north-central United States media company, Wired2fish has spent the last 12 years organically multiplying into a robust technology company that drives sales for some of the top brands in the fishing industry. With 153 times more page views now than its inception in 2008, our research uncovered that Wired2fish is one of the most influential platforms in the outdoor industry, delivering fantastic traffic to its video and written content resulting in proven sales for its partners.

Offering original, authentic, and well-produced content to everyday fishermen with tips and tools from relatable people, the Wired2fish team presents itself as everyday anglers always longing for “one more” cast—a key component to their relevance and engagement. This positioning resonates strongly, with seeing 7 million unique users in 2019 —a high percentage of which click through to make a final purchase on a regular basis.

This traffic isn’t just an audience ”looking to be entertained,” either. A recent survey revealed that the Wired2fish viewer is an avid sportsman indexing high in a variety of outdoor activities. With 66% of Wired2fish viewers spending 31+ days on the water and nearly 40% spend 61+days fishing, 95% of Wired2fish consumers also revealed that they view the team at Wired2fish as credible experts exhibiting dependable knowledge about the tactics of fishing. Respondents regularly commented that “Wired2fish teaches me to be a better angler,” and refer to the content as “cutting-edge content delivered in a very informative fashion.”

Wired2fish also sees some of the largest engagement rates in the outdoor space on its social channels, with a social audience of more than 1.6 million people, a further testament to the credibility and validity of its content.

Since Wired2fish’s inception, the main goal was always to be relevant enough in the digital technology space that the website would bring tangible value to its advertising partners, giving them dramatic market share and sales growth.  And give value it has, enjoying consistent partnerships from many esteemed brands in the industry for its full 12 years of business by perfectly aligning with the needs of major brands to reach customers with relevant messaging where they are.

Jen Nicklas, Sr. Manager Advertising & Creative Services at Mercury Marine stated, “Wired2Fish consistently demonstrates shared goals, values and strategies with Mercury Marine, as well as sound knowledge regarding the industry and its members, to create and distribute impactful and easily understood content to a large growing audience of angling enthusiasts.”

Wired2fish also offers value not only from a technological, strategic and knowledge perspective but also through the cultivation of affiliate partners that bring immense value to their advertisers creating clear paths to sales for brands that are willing to step up and build strong programs with them. Matt Jensen, Director of Marketing for Rapala, commented, ”Wired2fish is the most potent media vehicle out there.” When asked how that was measurable, he added, “We keep track at the cash register.”

Daniel Nussbaum, President of Z-Man, confirmed, “Wired2fish speaks directly to our customer and does so in an entirely authentic and engaging way.  Our primary marketing goal has always been to educate anglers about the unique aspects of our products and how to best put them to use, and the editors and contributors at Wired2fish excel at using written word, photo galleries, and video to accomplish exactly this.  Working with the Wired2fish crew to come up with ways to show folks what makes our products different and then seeing those ideas come to life over the last few years has been really cool, not to mention a big part of Z-Man’s growth.”

” is a leading digital content technology company with direct to consumer initiatives for the fishing industry,” stated Todd Hammill, CEO of Wired2fish. “We’ve worked hard to structure our business model so that it grows as our customers grow. We remain excited about what comes next for us and our great partners.”