Tom Zenanko’s HOF Acceptance Speech is an Inspiration to Anglers and Entrepreneurs

“Why do people climb the mountain?” That’s the question Tom Zenanko posed to the crowd at the Minneapolis Northwest Sport Show on March 28. The crowd was gathered to hear Zenanko’s acceptance speech following his induction into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

His answer was inspirational. 

Zenanko says that ever since he was a boy, he’s had “a weird passion for fishing. Way beyond the normal human being”, and his story—from growing up near the Boundary Waters, watching family movies about fishing, and finally landing a job at a well-known retail brand that kick-started his career—is one that anybody who loves fishing can appreciate.

Before the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, before his iconic Sportsman’s Journal television show, before the books and before the videos that would make Zenanko one of the most well-known names in freshwater fishing, he was a young boy living seven miles away from downtown Minneapolis. And he’d never been there.

The video is nine minutes long, and worth every minute:

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