These 7 New Lines Are Taking the Market One Cast At A Time

If you took a stroll to the Okuma booth at this year’s ICAST show, you felt the electric buzz of a new fishing brand, Fishlab; and you felt the draw of a slew of new reels and rods from Okuma itself—but tucked away in that booth was a simmering product launch that has been gaining steady momentum since its debut in July. And as the holiday season approaches, that simmer has turned into a boil of enthusiasm for a brand new fishing line that is taking the market by storm.

The lines come from Soft Steel USA, an Okuma sister company that’s built a reputation for some of the most durable fishing lines on the planet. In total, Soft Steel USA launched seven new lines at ICAST; and if you’re a savvy retailer, you’ll want to make sure you know how to break them down for the customers browsing your aisles.

Stretchable Fluorocarbon

Soft Steel’s new Fluoro-Stretch line is a 100% fluorocarbon line with the stretchable properties of monofilament line. Read that again. This stretchable line means you will get a tighter cinch on your knot bringing your knot strength to 95%, which is much stronger than standard fluorocarbon lines.   

Available in breaking strengths of 10 to 150 pounds, the new Fluoro Stretch will available in 25 yard spools and coils as well as 5 yard single shot lengths.  

The Fuoro-Stretch family of line retails from $6.99 to $89.99. According to Soft Steel, stretchable fluorocarbon generated the most buzz at ICAST. Here’s a preview of it from BD Outdoors


Covert Braid

Built for guys and gals fishing kelp weed-lines and heavy cover for calico bass, largemouth bass and other cover-centric species, the Covert Camo Braid is perfect for punching and frog fishing as well as inshore fishing around structure or kelp. This 8-carrier line is very abrasion resistant and available in 50, 65, 80 and 100 pound breaking strengths.  This line has a dyed camo pattern giving you more stealth on the water avoiding spooking fish. Available in 150, 300 and 1,500 yard spools and priced at $21.99 to $189.99.

Cyclone Hollow Braid

Long-range anglers will appreciate Soft Steel’s new Cyclone Hollow Braid. This unique line features a 16-carrier construction and is designed for completely knotless connections.  Cyclone is super strong and supple giving your bait the freedom to move with little to no memory. Available in 65, 80, 100 and 130 pound breaking strengths.  Available in 600, 1,500 and 2,000 yard spools and priced at $189.99 to $729.99.

Eminent Braid

The Eminent Series of braid features 8-carrier construction with high knot strength. Eminent features an abrasion resistant coating to increase abrasion resistance up to 25% of like priced braids. Coming in at 28 to 30 weaves per inch, this line is very round, giving you exceptional line lay making it perfect for both baitcast and spinning applications. Eminent will be available in 8 to 100 pound breaking strengths and coming in 150, 300 and 1,500 yard spools and priced at $14.99 to $119.99

Transcend Braid

The Transcend Series of braid features 8-carrier construction with an exceptional knot strength.  Transcend uses an advanced slick coating technology for increased abrasion resistance and longer lasting durability.  Constructed of 8 fibers braided at 32 weaves per inch creating the roundest line possible with a small diameter, increased smoothness and sensitivity.  This means increased casting distance, accuracy and less wind knots for spinning reels.  Available in 8 to 100 pound breaking strengths and coming in 150, 300 and 1,500 yards spools and priced at $19.99 to $159.99.

Super HT Mono

Soft Steel Super HT is a fluoro-coated, co-polymer fishing line, a blend of many polymers that give it superior abrasion resistance, with low memory soft easy casting. This line is perfect for the light line angler who needs abrasion resistance, fishing on the rocks or around docks or structure. Soft Steel continues to impress me with new and innovative fishing line and leader.

Ultra Premium Mono

Soft Steel ULTRA uses a multi polymer formulation and is manufactured on an advanced ultramodern extruding machine creating a fishing line of consistent diameter that is stronger per diameter than any other monofilament on the market. Soft Steel ULTRA incredible knot strength and toughness as well as very low memory.

Stocking Soft Steel

Now that you know the basics of Soft Steel USA’s new lineup—no pun intended—it’s time to spread the knowledge. If you’re not stocking Soft Steel USA on your shelves, reach out to their sales team members: or And if you are stocking these, shoot FTR an email to let us know what customers are saying about their new lines in your neck of the woods.