The Sleeping Giant Rests No Longer

Ladson, S.C. — Time on the water is precious, and sometimes, it doesn’t matter what’s on the other end of the line. Perhaps it’s a bronze-colored smallmouth that slurps a drop-shot rig at the edge of a rockpile – or maybe it’s a speckled trout that ambushes a swimbait in a tidal estuary. Multispecies anglers demand the perfect synthesis of versatility, durability and reliability in their equipment, and that’s precisely what the new Shimano Ultegra delivers.

Ruggedly designed from cover to core with a hint of elegance, the marriage of Shimano’s CI4+ composite body and cold-forged HAGANE GEAR provides Ultegra with extreme durability and sensitivity with less weight.

Ultegra’s lightweight CI4+ composite body translates into reduced angler fatigue over a long day of fishing. Carbon is more rigid than graphite so the reel flexes less during a fight, creating a more controlled feel in the anglers’ hand. Less body flex also reduces gear wear, helping the reel’s internal components to last longer. At the same time, carbon is less rigid than a fully metallic body, allowing for just a bit of forgiveness in situations when an angler tangles with oversized fish through heavy cover.

Shimano’s HAGANE GEAR means durability and smoothness. Because the HAGANE GEAR is cold forged, it is more dense and durable than machined or die-cast gears. This means the heart of the reel is built to last, whether your adventures lead you to slab crappies or 10-pound bass.

Ultegra’s MicroModule Gear II and SilentDrive technologies improve gear mesh and minimize overall play in construction to provide increased reel performance. MicroModule Gear II improves the overall fishing experience for the angler with every turn of the handle, regardless of what they are fishing for, while SilentDrive makes reeling feel better. Shimano achieved silence and smoothness by redesigning all of the parts inside Ultegra.

The redesigned Ultegra is a feature-packed powerhouse, offering premium performance to all freshwater and inshore anglers. Ultegra shrugs off the elements by incorporating a multi-layer defense against water and corrosion, including X-Protect and S A-RB bearings. The X-Protect system prevents water from penetrating into the body of the reel, while Shimano’s shielded bearings, S A-RB, inhibit corrosion within these critical components. These two protective features work together to ensure Ultegra’s long-lasting performance and durability.

The Ultegra C5000 features Shimano’s Cross Carbon Drag, designed for demanding applications and fighting large inshore species. Here, Ultegra takes advantage of carbon’s superior heat resistance and compression rigidity for enhanced drag performance. Felt drag washers are used in all other models in the Ultegra series, perfect for lighter line applications.

Ultegra features Shimano’s Long Stroke Spool technology to provide increased distance on every cast. By improving the way that line lays on the reel, the Long Stroke Spool allows anglers to reach distant fish without spooking them. For a final touch of refinement, Ultegra features a seamless one-piece bail that allows the line to travel unimpeded onto the line roller, reducing friction and limiting tangles.

Redesign is a constant process at Shimano: Features from flagship models migrate into an existing reel series and enhance the fishing experience and value for all anglers. The redesigned Ultegra is a product of this progression. A reel for all anglers and any species, Ultegra is loaded with benchmark Shimano technologies, delivering increased performance  — and confidence — on every trip.

Ultegra Features

Long Stroke Spool
Aero Wrap II
G-Free Body
Propulsion Line Management System S A-RB
CI4+ (Body)
MicroModule Gear II
One-Piece Bail
Cross Carbon Drag (C5000)

Ultegra Retails at $149.99 – $169.99