The Redesigned Shimano Nasci FC Delivers Premium Features

Anglers demand smooth operation and durability from their reels, paired with the capacity to excel at multiple presentations while seamlessly pivoting between freshwater and saltwater applications. The newly redesigned Shimano Nasci FC series of spinning reels provides all of this and more at an affordable price point.

The redesigned Nasci family includes six reels in sizes from 500 to C5000 to support a wide range of freshwater and saltwater applications. New for 2021, all Nasci FC reels in the 1000-series and larger now incorporate Shimano’s SilentDrive technology. A feature found in Shimano’s flagship lineup of reels, SilentDrive leverages high-precision, micron-level tolerances for each drive train component to reduce wobble, noise and vibration. Anglers fishing with Nasci will enjoy smooth, quiet reeling and enhanced overall reel performance thanks to SilentDrive.

A refined, robust gear train is at the core of every redesigned Nasci reel, now fortified with premium Shimano technologies to ensure reliable operation across a range of demanding applications. Each Nasci reel incorporates the Shimano HAGANE Gear: A cold-forged aluminum drive gear that delivers smooth feel and function over many seasons. By leveraging an exclusive three-dimensional design process and eliminating cutting work on the drive gear, the HAGANE gear offers unparalleled durability compared to reels with diecast or machined gear construction.

Nasci FC reels in the 1000-series and larger include the Shimano X-Ship and CoreProtect systems. By supporting the pinion gear with bearings on both ends, the X-Ship system maintains precise alignment of the pinion gear with the drive gear, providing increased gear durability when fighting hard-charging game fish. CoreProtect delivers enhanced water resistance without creating a heavy rotational feeling by protecting three critical reel areas – the roller clutch, body and line roller – against water intrusion. All Nasci FC reels incorporate the Shimano G Free Body design, reducing fatigue and enhancing casting comfort by shifting the reel’s center of gravity closer to the angler’s hand position.

Anglers fishing with Nasci FC will experience enhanced casting distances thanks to Shimano’s Propulsion Line Management System. A uniquely angled upper lip on the reel’s spool dramatically reduces friction with the line during the cast, allowing lures to reach fish that swim farther from the boat or shore. Tens of thousands of casting tests demonstrate that the Propulsion Line Management System provides longer casting distances than spools with standard lips while reducing backlashes and wind knots.

The six reels in the redesigned Shimano Nasci FC series deliver the perfect blend of smoothness and durability to freshwater and inshore saltwater anglers at an affordable price point. The 500-series Nasci (NAS500FC), which weighs a diminutive six ounces, is an excellent ice fishing reel, especially for anglers targeting panfish. Choose the 1000-series Nasci (NAS1000FC) for hardwater walleye applications or when open water trout or panfish are on the agenda. The 2500-series Nasci (NAS2500HGFC) is an exceptional general-purpose reel for many freshwater applications. Step up to the C3000-series Nasci (NASC3000HGFC), with its deeper cut spool for more line capacity, in a reel with the same body size and weight as the 2500-series Nasci. The larger, 4000-series Nasci (NAS4000XGFC) is the perfect choice for many inshore saltwater applications, while the C5000-series Nasci (NASC5000XGFC) leverages the largest line capacity in the series and Shimano’s Cross Carbon Drag to bring the most powerful fish to hand. Nasci FC reels are available now from authorized Shimano dealers with an MSRP of $99.99 to $109.99.

Nasci FC Features

  • CoreProtect (1000 to C5000)
  • HAGANE Gear
  • SilentDrive (1000 to C5000)
  • X-Ship (1000 to C5000)
  • G Free Body
  • Cross Carbon Drag (C5000 only)
  • Propulsion Line Management System
  • Water Resistant Drag
  • Screw-in Handle

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