The Paradigm-Shifting Shimano World Diver 99SP

Savvy bass anglers recognize the effectiveness of jerkbaits throughout the entire season. Shimano elevates the jerkbait to unprecedented heights with the new World Diver 99SP: A technology-infused lure that triggers strikes from trophy-caliber bass wherever they swim. By leveraging the revolutionary BOOST CONCEPT – an elegant synthesis of three premium Shimano technologies – the Shimano World Diver 99SP stands ready to redefine the deep-diving jerkbait paradigm.

Shimano’s patent-protected FLASH BOOST technology provides the World Diver 99SP with fish-attracting flash during all phases of the retrieve – even on the pause. FLASH BOOST suspends a highly polished, reflective foil on micro springs within a hollow chamber in the lure’s body. The slightest motion activates this system, sending flash cascading through the water column toward lurking predators. When the angler pauses the bait during the retrieve, the reflective foil continues to shimmer, effectively mimicking the flash of a quivering and wounded baitfish suspended in the water column. The bass-attracting qualities of the Shimano FLASH BOOST system are active the entire time that the lure is in the water.

“FLASH BOOST is the elephant in the room when it comes to the World Diver 99SP’s menu of high-tech features,” reflects Shimano pro angler and media personality JP DeRose. “It’s right there, shimmering in your face and making the World Diver 99SP different from every other bait on the market. When working the lure, it has an erratic side-to-side movement. On the pause, the World Diver suspends beautifully with a nose-down posture – and that’s when FLASH BOOST kicks in. The FLASH BOOST system brings an unprecedented sense of realism to a stalled bait, more so than any other jerkbait I’ve ever used, and gets curious fish to eat.”

“FLASH BOOST is a big advantage for me when chasing smallies during heavy algae blooms in the dog days of summer,” notes Shimano pro angler Josh Douglas. “This is a time when finesse presentations simply don’t work, as smallmouth are in full ambush mode, hunting prey like a mountain lion. The technological prowess of FLASH BOOST reflects light and shimmers right through the thick algae, helping bass find and crush it with reckless abandon.”

Shimano designed the exclusive JET BOOST system with a singularity of purpose: to enhance the distance of every cast. The JET BOOST system increases casting distance and accuracy by capitalizing on the physics of the casting motion with a spring-loaded weight transfer system. As the angler swings the lure backward, centrifugal forces cause an internal weight to slide into the lure’s tail during the backcast, altering the lure’s center of gravity and driving it farther through the air as the angler propels it forward. The spring-loaded weight returns to its original position at the end of the cast, perfectly rebalancing the lure for proper swimming action. Thanks to JET BOOST, the World Diver 99SP casts up to 22% longer than lures of comparable size and weight. Now, every angler can cast longer and tempt more fish on every trip.

“JET BOOST lets me cast the World Diver 99SP further than any other jerkbait I’ve ever used,” continues Douglas. “That feature is hugely beneficial, as it allows me to cover vast shallow rock reefs and keep my boat far away from wary bass.” DeRose agrees, asserting that “JET BOOST makes casting a breeze – even into the wind – and is incredibly effective at getting the bait away from the boat.”

“The best part of JET BOOST when compared to other weight transfer systems,” continues DeRose, “is that the weight can’t get stuck in the back of the lure, leading to an unnatural tail-down appearance in the water. With JET BOOST, the weight slides along a spring-loaded shaft, ensuring that it returns to the front third of the lure’s body. This motion gives the World Diver the correct posture on the pause and allows it to start digging quickly on the retrieve.”

A lure’s finest visual details make the biggest difference when a predator fish is within striking distance. Shimano’s proprietary SCALE BOOST system amplifies a bass’ predatory instincts and triggers more attacks from trophy fish. SCALE BOOST mimics the realistic patterns of baitfish scales by utilizing an industry-exclusive composite-pitch hologram, increasing the amount and complexity of light reflected through the water. SCALE BOOST is not a paint or finish applied to the lure; instead, Shimano engineers the hologram directly into the lure. The visual impact of SCALE BOOST represents next-level strike triggering at its finest.

Anglers can present the World Diver 99SP effectively on both spinning and baitcasting tackle. “A 6’8” Shimano Curado casting rod with Medium power and Fast action works wonders in cold water and tight quarters,” notes DeRose, “especially when paired with a Shimano Curado DC 150XG spooled with 14 pound-test fluorocarbon. I switch to a spinning combo when the water warms, using a 7’ Curado rod with Medium power and Fast action, paired with a Shimano Vanford 2500. I spool the reel with 8 pound-test PowerPro Super8Slick and add a 6 foot leader of 14 pound-test fluorocarbon. When working the bait aggressively, the lack of stretch in the braided main line will make the World Diver 99SP do things that you just can’t replicate using straight fluorocarbon.”

The World Diver 99SP dives to depths of six to eight feet on the retrieve, suspends enticingly when paused, and exhibits an erratic side-to-side darting action to trigger aggressive bites from even the wariest predators. Each World Diver 99SP is 3 ⅞ inches (99 mm) long, weighs ⅝ ounce (16 g), and is available in a library of ten universally-appealing color patterns including Chartreuse Head, Clown, Chartreuse Silver, Blue Silver, Ghost Ayu, Black Gold, Black\Silver, Pink Smelt, Pro Blue and Salangidae. The Shimano World Diver 99SP is available now with an MSRP of $19.99.


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