The Next Bite TV Educating the Fishing Masses Powered by X2Power Batteries

The Next Bite TV crew has partnered with X2Power Batteries and will be educating their fanbase on how to best use their premium AGM and lithium batteries.

HARTLAND, Wisc. – X2Power Batteries, a trailblazer in advanced battery solutions, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with The Next Bite TV, a leading name in fishing entertainment and education. This collaboration is set to redefine the fishing industry by introducing state-of-the-art battery technology to power the next generation of angling adventures.

The partnership between X2Power Batteries and The Next Bite TV is driven by a shared commitment to education, sustainability, and enhancing the angler’s experience. X2Power Batteries brings to the table a range of high-performing lithium and AGM batteries designed to exceed the demands of any angler or boater. In parallel, The Next Bite TV, a respected authority in fishing entertainment, is dedicated to educating and entertaining anglers of all skill levels. By integrating X2Power’s battery technology into their fishing expeditions, The Next Bite TV will showcase the advantages of these batteries in real-world fishing scenarios. Viewers can look forward to insightful content that highlights the ways in which X2Power’s batteries can elevate their fishing experiences.

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with The Next Bite TV,” said Shawn Budiac, VP of Category Management of X2Power Batteries. “As we continue to support anglers and boaters alike, we recognize the importance of collaborating with a visionary partner like The Next Bite TV. Together, we will assist in educating anglers on how to best and most efficiently power their vessel.”

In response, Chase Parsons, host of The Next Bite TV, expressed excitement about the collaboration. “At The Next Bite TV, we’re always seeking ways to enhance the fishing experience for our audience.Partnering with X2Power Batteries aligns perfectly with our mission. We can’t wait to demonstrate the advantages of these batteries in our fishing adventures and share the benefits with our viewers.”

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