The New Mike Long Popper Bird Now Available for Sale!

San Jose, Ca-– The much anticipated Mike Long series Flip In The Bird Lure has arrived for sale. This unique removable popper allows the angler to choose how he wants to use his bird. Sometimes you want to use the Bird lure as a dead stick bait so you may want to remove the popper,or maybe open water is how you want to fish the bird, then putting the popper on may be the way to go. The unique color styling Mike Long as come up with has been researched and studied to insure large top water strikes. This new bait is sure to be a hit with top water enthusiasts world wide.

Mike Long Signature Bird can be thrown into the deep cover or over nasty slop, fished in the skinny shades or in open water to instigate large mouth bass and other predatory fish to strike. Featuring a removable nose popper, it’s unique red and brown coloring are sure to call up the bigguns!

Mike Longs Name has been synonymous with some of the largest bass caught on record. His most notable was landing Dottie, the largest bass in California. Mike freely gives tips to up and coming monster bass anglers on his website