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The Lizard Has Been Redefined

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Culprit has redefined the fishing lizard with its innovative Water Dragon. The Water Dragon is designed to impress from head to tail. With its unique form and diverse function, it has many more action features than a standard lizard. First the head is designed with gills and gill filaments for a new look and extra gliding function on Carolina rigs. The body is filled with detail and contour to make a more realistic presentation, reflecting light in many directions and breaking up the image. Features include raised ribs for texposing your hook, a lateral line that can be easily adapted with a marker-style pen for added color, and a large flat spot on the tail that really pushes water and creates a seductive tail wave.

The rear legs were designed larger than the front for more action – especially in a nose-down posture while Texas rigged. The heavier rear half of the lure allows the bait to be cast and pitched more accurately and provides additional flotation for Carolina and Texas rigs. This bait literally waves at the fish on a Texas rig – taunting them. 

Available in 7-inch and new 6-inch sizes. MSRP: $5.29