The Importance Of Sun Protection For Hands

Protecting your hands with the right gloves from Glacier Outdoor is essential to enjoying the outdoors safely.

Outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, kayaking, and working are some of life’s great pleasures. But the sun can be very damaging to exposed skin. 

Protecting your hands with the right gloves from Glacier Outdoor is essential to enjoying the outdoors safely. Here’s how the sun damages your hands and what you can do to protect the only skin you have.

How the Sun Damages Hands

The sun emits three kinds of rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. While UVC rays never actually make it to Earth because of our thick atmosphere, the other two rays have no problem affecting our environment.

Even though the sun is over 93 million miles away and sunlight takes about 8.5 minutes to reach us, the rays are still strong enough to damage our skin and body. This is especially problematic to hunters, fishermen, kayakers, or anyone who works outside.

The rays are so strong that they penetrate deeply into the skin and are largely responsible for skin aging and wrinkling. They can also indirectly damage DNA in skin cells and have been linked to long-term skin damage, such as skin cancers.

Benefits of Wearing Glacier Gloves for Hands

Glacier sun protection gloves

While sunscreen can provide some protection from harmful rays, people who work outside need to constantly reapply throughout the day. Sweat and water can quickly remove sunscreen.

Sun gloves are some of the best protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Glacier Outdoor Gloves are specifically designed to protect outdoor workers from damage.

Reduces Risk of Cancer From Sun Exposure

The sun’s rays damage the DNA of your skin cells and cause them to replicate abnormally, which can lead to skin cancer. That’s why wearing Glacier Outdoor Gloves is important when you’re in the sun.

UPF 50+

Our sun protection gloves are independently lab tested and verified for maximum UPF 50+ protection. It’s the highest level of protection for outdoor apparel, and our sun gloves even cover your entire wrist. When combined with a long sleeve sun-protected shirt, your arms and hands will be fully protected. Reduced sun exposure can lessen your risk of skin cancer due to sun damage.

Prevents Premature Aging

Collagen is a protein in the skin responsible for keeping your skin firm and wrinkle-free. As your hands are exposed to more sun, the UV exposure weakens collagen over time and leads to wrinkles and premature aging of the hands. You can typically tell someone has worked most of their life outdoors by the number of wrinkles and sun spots on their hands.

Wearing Glacier Outdoor Gloves helps protect your hands from UV damage so you can keep them looking young for years to come. Most of our gloves even have a fingerless design that allows you to still get your job done without exposing your hands.

Prevents Sunburn

When UV rays reach our skin, they interact with a natural chemical in our bodies called melanin. Melanin is the first defense against the sun because it absorbs dangerous UV rays before they do serious skin damage. Temporary exposure causes melanin to overproduce and makes our skin darker, but overexposure overwhelms the body’s defenses and leads to sunburn or other skin damage.

Not only is it painful, but it’s also a sign of significant damage to your skin and could lead to other serious consequences later in life, like skin cancer.

Wearing Glacier Outdoor Gloves helps prevent even the slightest sun exposure and keeps your hands from burning. Our gloves are compatible with iPhones, Androids, or iPads, so you never have to take them off.

Keeps Hands Cool and Dry

Outdoor protection for your hands will keep them from premature aging, block harmful UV rays, and prevent sunburn, but they’ll also keep them cool and dry. Glacier Glove’s four-way stretch fabric makes for a secure fit, and the breathable synthetic leather mesh allows your palms to stay cool. 

These all-weather gloves provide maximum comfort combined with functionality. The quick-drying fabric and breathable mesh ensure anglers can keep their hands dry despite handling wet materials all day. 

Glacier Gloves are built to handle all your environmental challenges. Water, UV rays, sharp hooks, cutting lines, and dangerous fish never pose a threat when you protect yourself with our premium gloves. 

Choosing the Right Type of Gloves

While all of our gloves are tested and verified for a UPF 50+, they aren’t all made the same.

Some of our premium gloves have full synthetic leather coverage that reinforces the palm and allows for additional grip. The synthetic leather wraps around the thumb and all fingers for exceptional functionality.

The best sun protection gloves

Other types, like our Islamorada Sun glove, include synthetic leather across part of your palm and fingers. It gives you more flexibility to move your hands and doesn’t get caught on as many surfaces.

Our Abaco Bay Sun Glove is perfect for outdoor workers who don’t need as much grip since it’s lightweight and quick-drying and provides optimum breathability.

For adventurous anglers, we have the Stripping-Fighting Fingerless Gloves. These have textured nonslip padded palms for full grip and Armor-Tek material to add durability in the harshest environments. They resist abrasions and punctures when you need them most.

Why Choose Glacier Outdoor

Glacier Glove products have been at the front of innovating glove technology since 1982. We started with an ambitious mission to be the world’s best fishing glove, and through customer support, we’ve been able to do just that.

Authentic official glacier glove products

Over the years, our customers started asking for high-quality gloves they could use for sun protection, not just for fishing, and we’ve been a leader in the industry ever since. It’s important that our products not only provide protection from the elements but also be comfortable and functional for every situation.

We’ve since expanded from gloves to a line of sun-protection products like sun hoods and hats. We always try to stick with the basics of every product we produce: quality, dexterity, and comfort.

Our mission is to help every fisherman, hunter, paddler, cyclist, hiker, military personnel, and climber get the protection they need when exploring the world.