The Daiwa Tournament D-FIN – A Big Salty Swimmer

DAIWA’s full-featured Tournament D-FIN establishes a new pinnacle in saltwater swimbaits.

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA – Speed kills…but not always. Conventional thinking is that saltwater species respond best to lightning fast baits that cater to their radical attack speeds. Although this is often the case, there are a panoply of situations where slow and steady wins the race. In these instances, a subtler swimbait is often ticket.

DAIWA’s new Japanese developed and manufactured Tournament D-FIN sets a new highwater mark in saltwater swimbait design. “Take A deeper look before you dismiss it as another swimbait,” said DAIWA Field Marketing Manager, Chris Martin, noting the wealth of technical features that make the Tournament D-FIN a standout.

Martin first called out the 6-inch Tournament D-FIN’s remarkable action. “Its paddletail has an exceptional swimming action, regardless of the speed of retrieve. It wobbles wide whether slow-rolled or clipped along.” The key being its oversized paddletail combined with a narrowly tapering body, which allows the paddletail to maximize its side-to-side action. And that same wide swing produces more sonic vibrations than your typical swimbait.

Next, Martin identified the Tournament D-FIN’s steadiness. “It tracks incredibly well, running on a straight path whether fished weightless, with a weighted swimbait hook, or rigged on a jig. It simply wants to stay on track.”

The bait’s intelligently conceived formulation gives it an edge as well. “DAIWA concocted a balanced blend of salt and a natural fish attractant,” said Martin. “The formula is equally distributed throughout the body of the Tournament D-FIN, too. That means you get an even and continuous dispersing of the flavorful blend.” And just what is that natural scent in the mixture? Squid. The strong scent is surefire in saltwater. And, interestingly, freshwater bass are highly attracted to squid scent as well. Hmmmm…

The Tournament D-FIN’s softness is also significant. “DAIWA’s molding process yields consistent softness throughout the bait, head to paddletail. The result is a natural swimming action throughout the body, no stiffness and unnatural flexing. It swims along like the real thing.”

The colors won’t bleed in your tacklebox, either. How’s that possible? “The base plastic formulation is color neutral,” said Martin. “You can mix colors and they won’t stain and tint each other while being stored. That’s unique.”

Color patterns deserve recognition, too. DAIWA gave all 8-patterns of the Tournament D-FIN a UV (ultraviolet) reflective coating. As a result, they reflect ultraviolet light from the sun, making them appear brighter underwater than traditional lures. The scientific basis is that certain species of fish see colors differently than humans and use ultraviolet vision to identify targets. When viewed under a black light, UV lures appear to glow, which simulates how fish might see them.

The facts and features are in. DAIWA’s new Tournament D-FIN swimbait has clearly separated itself from the pack…or the school. 

Tournament D-FIN FEATURES:

  • 6-inches
  • Remarkably real swimming action
  • Oversized paddletail with narrow body connection for maximum motion
  • Tracks straight rigged weightless, with weighted swimbait hook, and on a jig
  • Special salt and squid blend attractant
  • Colors won’t bleed while stored
  • 8 high-visibility colors: UV Crush Candy, UV Lime Pearl, UV Violet, UV Perch, UV Chartreuse Tiger, UV Hot Tomato, UV Real Motor Oil, and UV Flake Pearl

MSRP $9.99

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