Ted Takasaki Hooks Up Using Gamakatsu’s Spin Bait

Tacoma, Washington – It can be hard to beat live bait for walleyes in many situations. Gamakatsu® gives walleye anglers sure-hooking capabilities and twist-free performance using a variety of baits with the Spin Bait.

“The Spin Bait is perfect for any live bait rigging for walleyes or other predatory species,” explains Midwest walleye pro Ted Takasaki. Takasaki, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Angler and former FLW pro, uses Gamakatsu’s Spin Bait anytime he fishes a crawler, minnow or leech. The unique design incorporates a Gamakatsu swivel that permits the hook to spin independently of the leader, imparting action while protecting light lines. “If you thread the crawler on, it will spin seductively. This action forces walleyes to bite.”

“I use it behind a bottom bouncer, but you can also use it behind any kind of egg sinker or walking sinker,” says Takasaki. The professional angler rigs the Spin Bait up with a three-to-five-foot leader and will occasionally incorporate additional elements for even more fish-attracting action. “Depending on conditions, sometimes I’ll rig the Spin Bait hook behind spinner blades, prop blades, or use it alone with just a simple bead in front of them. It works well with any type of blade.”

“It’s a dynamite hook for hooking and landing fish. Once fish hit, they don’t come off,” Takasaki declares. The veteran walleye angler says this is due to the way the hook point is bent back, with the geometry effectively trapping fish. The hook sets easily, thanks to the Nano Smooth Coat finish that lowers friction for better penetration and faster hook-ups. The dull finish also adds stealth to fly under the radar in the clearest waters. “Once they’re on, they don’t throw the hook.”

The Spin Bait hook also features bait keeper barbs on the shank that hold live and plastic baits on more securely so you can cover ground with confidence knowing your bait is rigged just the way you want it to be. You can count on the high-quality Gamakatsu swivel to provide excellent action while eliminating line twist, and the forged construction of the hook will stand up to the biggest fish. Gamakatsu’s Spin Bait is available in sizes 4, 2, 1 and 1/0, and is sold in packs of four.

Spin Bait Features

  • High-performance swivel adds alluring action without line twist
  • Nano Smooth Coat finish for faster hook-ups and stealth presentations
  • Barb on shank securely holds baits in place
  • Forged construction stands up to the biggest fish
  • Color: Nano Smooth Coat
  • Sizes: 4, 2, 1 and 1/0
  • Qty/Pack: 4


From humble beginnings as Japan’s smallest fishing hook manufacturer in 1955, Gamakatsu® Ltd has evolved to become the world’s preeminent hook manufacturer. Over the years, manufacturing upgrades and cutting-edge innovations have fueled Gamakatsu® USA’s rise as a top producer of fishing hooks, apparel, and fishing related items.

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