Talon Fishing Unlimited Releases Pete’s Preacher Jig

MILAM, Tex.— Known for being a manufacturer of premium lures, Talon Fishing Unlimited inc., a Milam, Tex. based company has once again raised the bar with the release of new lure called Pete’s Preacher Jig. The effectiveness of this type of hair jig was brought to public awareness at the recent Bassmaster BASSFest at Lake Chickamauga. Prior to that, it was a closely guarded secret.

Pete Ponds, a Bassmaster Elite Series pro based in Madison, Miss., was one of those anglers who has been a quiet user of the lure, and he was instrumental in bringing the project out of the secret files. “This lure is so effective, but only a very few anglers have ever been able to get a hold of the right

ones,” he said. “The secret is in the length of the natural hair that is used – which is very hard to

locate – but Talon has been able to get the right material and make the lure perfectly.”

The Preacher Jig is made to be fished when bass are suspended, or are relating to ledges and offshore structures that are common on lakes throughout the country. The original version of the lure is said to have been made for many years by a preacher, who only made the lure for very close friends. With that said, nothing remains a secret forever, and when the original maker declined to make it public, demand skyrocketed. Now that the preacher is retired and at an age he is not able to continue, Ponds and Talon moved forward with the project.

Andi Sanders, president of Talon Fishing Unlimited inc. talked about their work on the Preacher Jig. “It’s an authentic version of the original with emphasis on bulk and length,” she said. “We achieved it with premium natural bucktail hair and a couple well-placed hackle feathers for ideal flowing action and maximum durability. We’ve sourced the very best quality hair and hackle and we’ve not held back a single bit in making this the finest, most authentic version of the original.”

Pete’s Preacher Jig is constructed on a custom designed Shibui Minnow Head with a premium Mustad 90-degree black nickel hook. The lure swims nose down and remains nose down when at rest on the bottom so the hair flares and flows seductively. The custom Shibui Minnow Head is designed to deflect off debris without rolling on its side to maximize strike potential and minimize snags.

Pete’s Preacher Jig is available in 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4-ounce sizes and measures seven to eight inches in length. It will be available in seven hand tied color patterns including Pearl White, Pearl White with Orange, Bleeding White, White and Chartreuse, Citrus Shad, Silver Shad and Bluegill. Information about Pete’s Preacher Jig is available at www.talonfishing.com, and is available at online retailers www.tacklewarehouse.com, www.bassmafiatackle.com and in store at Needmore Tackle at Sam Rayburn Reservoir with more dealers ordering daily.