T-H Marine Partners with Captains for Clean Water, Pledges Donations

Fort Myers, FL – T-H Marine Supplies, LLC, of Huntsville, Alabama, a division of OneWater Marine (ONEW), is announcing it has partnered with Captains For Clean Water, of Fort Myers, Florida, in an expansion of its conservation initiatives. Funding for the initiative will be provided as both a flat donation and a percentage from all Atlas Awards membership proceeds.

“Captains For Clean Water is truly a remarkable force of conservation and habitat restoration,” T-H Marine CEO, Jeff Huntley said. “From the individual fishing guides who started it to the progress they’ve already made, they provide an amazing example of natural resource stewardship and we’re proud to join them.”

Beginning in 2016 when a couple fishing guides decided they had enough of poor water management practices devastating the estuaries they relied on, Captains For Clean Water was formed as a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that fights for water resources.

Since forming, they’ve worked to unite the outdoor industry, environmental groups, the business community, and concerned citizens around science-based solutions for cleaner waterways. This laid the foundation for policies and projects that have resulted in measurable improvements in the volume and quality of fresh water flowing through estuaries along with natural habitat restoration.

“We’re super fortunate to have T-H Marine’s support,” Captains For Clean Water Co-Founder Daniel Andrews said. “We know they’ve long-demonstrated concern for the worthy cause of conservation and we’re glad to have them involved in the fight to save the Everglades.”

T-H Marine’s commitment with Captains For Clean Water is structured to be an ongoing effort where the company has dedicated 10% of all Atlas Awards Membership proceeds along with designated donations from T-H Marine’s general fund. This adds onto the company’s existing sustainability efforts that include event sponsorship, catch and release tournament products, and round-up dollars on purchases.

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About Captains For Clean Water

Captains For Clean Water is a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that fights to restore and protect water resources. Operating on the premise that problems would have been addressed long ago if everyone knew about the issues, they have generated public awareness and political will to use science-based solutions that protect and restore our waterways. As a result, they recognize that progress has been made at a record pace since 2016, but much more must be done to ensure that future generations can enjoy these natural resources.

About T-H Marine

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For More Information About T-H Marine and its Approach to Conservation

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