Strike King Promotes Sergeant Major Jamey Caldwell to National Pro Staff

Collierville, Tenn.— Strike King Lure Company Chief Operating Officer Allan Ranson, announces the addition of Jamey Caldwell of Carthage, NC to the Strike King national pro staff. “I have known Jamey for 5 years and it is rare to find someone who puts as much energy and effort into whatever he is doing to be the best that he can be,” says Ranson. “He is an expert on technology and all the equipment used for fishing, and has lots of experience with product development. He is an accomplished angler, is great at giving seminars and is active on all forms of social media.”


Becoming a bass pro is a second career and a dream for Jamey. In December 2014, he retired from a 21-year career in the U.S. Army. Most of his first 7 years were in the 75th Ranger Regiment, before spending 14 years in an Elite Special Operations unit at Ft. Bragg, NC. The majority of his career was spent fighting the War on Terror. He was too humble to share, but Strike King says his official military records state that Caldwell was deployed 14 times to various theaters for combat operations. He received 8 Bronze Stars (2 with valor), 3 Defense Meritorious Service Medals, 1 Meritorious Service Medal, 2 Army Commendation Medals (1 with valor), 16 other medals and 11 other awards, as well as a long list of training courses and expertise in many areas. After being a Tier One Operator for so long, he is now ready to pick up a fishing rod full time.

“The characteristics of the men that achieve this highest level of military training and achievement uniquely position them for success at whatever they chose to do. They have the drive, smarts and energy to win,” says Ranson. “I have seen Jamey take these traits into his fishing, even win a tournament right after a deployment on which he did his pre-fish planning while in Iraq! He was infectious energy and is fun to be around. We want to help him fulfill his dream and know that he will be a tough competitor and a great ambassador for our company. This year, he will be fishing the Southern and Northern B.A.S.S. Opens with the hopes of qualifying for the ELITES. ‘Elite’ is a good word to describe Jamey, so I expect it to happen!”

Says Caldwell, “While serving in a special operations unit, I was provided with the best tools available to do my job. Now, Strike King is arming me with the best lures on the market to fish at the Elite level. It is a great privilege to be part of such an amazing company and I am honored to represent them. The road to the Elite series is not going to be an easy one, but nothing I have chosen to do in life has been easy.”

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