SteelShad Lands at ICAST With Three Hot New Lures

ORLANDO, Fla. —SteelShad Fishing Co. is landing at ICAST in Booth 3820 with three new products that savvy retailers should see. Versatile, marketable, and effective, they’re perfectly suited for multi-species tackle retailers.  The new SteelShad College Series of lures provides the perfect gift for fisherman this Holiday Season.

For months, Price and his pro-staff have been tinkering and developing these new tools of the trade, essential for inshore and offshore anglers in saltwater, and for the freshwater angler for lake and river fishing in the fall and for ice fishing all winter long.

“I personally have fished each of these lures extensively,” says Price. “And we are extremely excited to share them with anglers worldwide.”

Here’s the scoop:

SteelShad – New College Series

SteelShad is proud to announce for 2018 that it is featuring officially licensed lures for Clemson University, The University of Alabama, The University of Tennessee and Auburn University.  SteelShad plans to rapidly expand the list of Colleges and Universities for 2019.  Each 3 Pack features custom designed SteelShad Lures featuring your favorite Team’s Colors and Logos. These 3 Packs will be out in time for football season and are sure to be the perfect gift for your favorite fan!  These lures are designed to catch fish and be collectible for years to come.  Be sure to check out the new College Series of SteelShad Fishing Lures!

SteelShad – New Mini Series

The Magic of the New SteelShad Mini Series is a timeless blade bait that perfectly imitates the smallest of baitfish.  The Mini SteelShad weighs in at 1/4 ounce and features a blade that is 1 ¾ inches long.  It comes in five exciting colors including Silver, Gold, Sexy Shad, White Shad and Yellow Shad.  And don’t let the size of this little stick of dynamite fool you, the Mini SteelShad puts off an intense vibration like none other.  Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Perch and other gamefish will find this new throbbing Mini SteelShad too much to resist!

SteelShad – New XXL Series

The New XXL Series of SteelShad weighs in at 2 ounces and features a large stainless steel Blade approaching 5 inches in length! The SteelShad XXL comes in Silver and Gold and features razor sharp coated 5/0 single hooks and is the perfect match for large baitfish in both fresh and salt water.  The SteelShad XXL puts off an intense vibration and the largest of gamefish will quickly hone in on this vibrant, throbbing lure.  The SteelShad XXL can be casted, trolled or jigged for Stripers, Bluefish, Tuna, Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, Musky, Pike, Walleye, Bass, Salmon, Sturgeon and Lake Trout.  The SteelShad is known for its versatility to target – Any Fish, Any Depth!

Who’s having success with SteelShad?

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and 2002 Bassmaster Classic champion Jay Yelas is on board. “Fish just bite it,” he testifies. “It’s a fun lure to fish because so many species of gamefish will eat the SteelShad. It’s a very versatile lure and a must-have for my tackle box.” 

On blue water, Captain Steve Niemoeller adds his recommendation as well. “You can troll it and even put it on a down-rigger or simply cast and retrieve it,” Niemoeller says of the SteelShad XXL. “You’re going to be happy with the results.”

Where can you find SteelShad at ICAST? Visit Booth 3820  to see SteelShad in action and talk to Stephen Price yourself.

Want to learn more right now? Here’s Yelas to break it down: