SteelShad Fishing Co. Announces 2018 Scholarship Winners

East Dorset, VT— The SteelShad Fishing Company is proud to announce the two final recipients of the 2018 College Scholarship $1,000.00 scholarships, Zachary Catoe, President of the Gamecock Bass Fishing at the University of South Carolina, and Spencer Guthrie, Vice President of the Kennesaw State Fishing Team.  The SteelShad Selection Committee has chosen these young men for both their leadership skills and their high level of involvement in the sport of fishing.  

These awards represent the remainder of three individual college scholarships of $1,000.00 that SteelShad is awarding for 2018.  The SteelShad Selection Committee looked at academic achievements, college bass fishing achievements and social media posts and engagement.  The SteelShad Selection Committee feels honored to have had such a talented group of applicants to choose from.

Stephen Price, CEO of SteelShad responded, “We have had many excellent applicants and we are proud to have been able to select Olivia Bussiere, Zachary Catoe and Spencer Guthrie as our 2018 College Scholarship winners. We are proud to support these students, the other college teams we sponsor and the sport of College Bass Fishing as a whole.”

Jim Root, Pro Staff Team Member of SteelShad says, “Competitive fishing is very challenging, especially in college; participants have to have the ability to balance classes and campus life, with the focus, skill and finesse they need to be successful in fishing.  We really feel the group of winners this year have done that and done it well.”

SteelShad is very proud to support these College Scholarship Winners and the College Bass Fishing Clubs and Teams. In 2016, three best friends partnered together with Captain Steve Niemoeller to launch the SteelShad Fishing Company nationwide.  The SteelShad fishing lure was designed and perfected by Anglers and Guides whom are on the water every day.  Captain Steve, a full-time fishing guide in Florida, says, “Once you catch your first trophy fish on a SteelShad, it’s hard to go back to other baits.”  SteelShad makes fishing simple, easy and fun.  

Pro Bass Anglers are discovering SteelShad as well.  Jay Yelas, 2002 Bassmaster Classic Champion, says that he likes to fish SteelShad because, “Fish just bite it!  It’s a fun lure to fish because so many species of gamefish will eat the SteelShad.  It’s a very versatile lure and a must-have for my tackle box.”