Star Rods Helps Angler Land new North Carolina State Record

Morehead City, North Carolina — Star Rods has now been used to break more than 250 world and state fishing records since the brand launched nearly 40 years ago. Nash County local Logan Ennis is the latest record breaker.

On Monday, January 2nd, Logan along with his son Jackson and a family friend were sea bass fishing along the Morehead City coast near Cape Lookout. Weather conditions were slightly overcast with fair temperatures as Logan and his companions spent the day telling jokes and doing what they love. Logan was reeling in what he thought would be another sea bass, but was surprised to find a white grunt attached to his squid baited hook. He describes how he didn’t expect to see a grunt on that particular day, as he was only thinking about how to catch a sea bass, a fish he was accustomed to finding on these trips. “It was the biggest grunt I’ve ever seen”, describes Logan.

Logan was using an extra heavy action Star Rod Aerial Jigging rod (EXJ66XH) with 150-pound braid on a Daiwa Saltist 35HG reel when he caught his sensational grunt. He tells us that “all [his] bottom fishing rods are Star Rods” and that he can best describe Star Rods as “quality products at quality prices.”

But, not knowing the quality of his fish was another story. Logan tells how he really didn’t even think twice about the fish, “de-hooking it and tossing it to the side.” Though he figured it was just another common grunt, Logan’s buddy sure didn’t, and encouraged him to take it for an official weigh in the next day at Chasin’ Tails in Atlantic Beach, NC. To Logan’s surprise, the kind folks at Chasin’ Tails let him know that he was on his way to the North Carolina state record.

The Star Rods family is immensely happy for Logan, and are even happier that his son, Jackson Ennis, was with him to experience this awesome event. Here at Star Rods and Calcutta Outdoors, one of our core values is to ensure that the next generation has access to fishing. We pride ourselves on sharing the knowledge of fishing as well as our love of the sport with our young anglers. “One of our main principles here at Star is to engage the next generation in fishing. It’s a great thing to see them enjoy fishing together as much as I do with my sons. That’s why we were excited to send Jackson a new Star Rod. We hope you will use it alongside your dad with pride”, says Chris Pardue, Sr. Brand and Category Manager for Calcutta Outdoors and Star Rods.

Logan’s white grunt weighed four pounds and 13.6 ounces, a total of 5.6 ounces heavier than the current state record, which was caught off Cape Lookout in 1969. Logan describes how if he had not waited a day to take the fish to be weighed, “it could have easily been five pounds.” Right after being weighed, Chasin’ Tails sent Logan straight over to see the NC Division of Fisheries, who certified the record-breaking catch.

One of the most interesting facts about white grunts is where a white grunt gets its name – white grunts make a grunting noise in their throat when they feel upset or scared. This sound is made by using their pharyngeal teeth and air bladder. White grunts are a species of ray-finned fish native to the western Atlantic Ocean and there are a total of 150 different grunt fishes in the world. However, the question remains – can you eat white grunt? The answer is yes, and the flavor is described as mild but tasty. The white grunt is even featured in a historic Florida dish ‘grits and grunts’, where it is served as a panfish. This dish came about because of the commonality of the white grunt in Florida.

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