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St. Croix Carpe Sapiens (Seizes the Wise)

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Park Falls, WI – Tune in to the evening news and you can’t help but sense the doom and gloom of corporate America. Layoffs are common. What little personnel remains take on twice the duties. Pressure from top management trickles down through the workforce. Bad attitudes bloom. Business breaks.

Not all businesses follow the same, paved communal highway, however. Some, like Wisconsin’s St. Croix Rods, prefer to take the lighter-traveled yet well-maintained road, which ultimately leads to innovation and growth. With headquarters in small-town-USA, St. Croix is a family-owned and -run company. And the staff loves working there. Fact is, employment stints within the walls of the Park Falls, Wisconsin, facility are not measured in years, but decades.



The pride of every employee, from upper management on down, shows through in every rod St. Croix creates—that’s hundreds of thousands of rods every year. And growing.

And It’s because of St. Croix’s culture why a veteran of the fishing and hunting industries, Jesse Simpkins, has joined the St. Croix team, taking on the role of Director of Marketing. With over 20-years in the outdoors marketplace under his belt, Simpkins officially stepped over the threshold and joined the company on February 29, 2016.

“A few years back I was asked to jot down the places I would most like to work if I were to start my career all over again. And, believe it or not, St. Croix was at the top of that list,” says Simpkins. “Not just because they are a family-owned business that treats everyone on staff like kin, but they are the top in rod crafting, and their name is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

“I look forward to getting to know the people inside the organization, top to bottom,” he adds. “The company is an integral part of the community of Park Falls. I am really looking forward to being a valued member of the team that delivers these quality products and drive the brand.”

“Jesse has a very successful track record and is highly respected in the fishing industry,” says Jeff Schluter, St. Croix’s Vice President of Brand Management. “He’s a passionate angler who intimately understands the fishing community and business. We love Jesse’s skill set and personality along with and his experience and devotion to fishing. Jesse will hit the ground running and communicate the St. Croix story.

“The company is growing. The creation of this position has been a long time coming and Jesse’s a great fit.”