Space Age Spinning Reels for the Common Man

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]nglers know the moment. A salt air fills your nose. The tide ebbs and flows beneath your feet. The line tenses. You feel a pull. Is it another wave or a bite? There’s no time for guessing—you set the hook.

And then, your reel locks up.

Whatever prize was waiting on the bottom is long gone, and you’re left with a lingering sense of “what if?”

Reel breakdown is one of the biggest problems for saltwater fishermen around the world. It’s just a fact of life—even the most expensive reels with the best components and seals eventually succumb to Mother Nature’s rusty wrath. But for the past several years, the engineers at Daiwa have been on a mission to stop the gear-stripping malice of the sea.

Now, they’ve done just that. And they’ve done it in a way that no other reel manufacturer on the planet has been able to replicate—by using a sealing system designed using space age technology.

The system is called Magsealed. It’s incredibly cool stuff, and it’s the best reel protection you’ve never heard of. Here’s how it works:

As you can see, Magsealed works by replacing the standard rubber seals in an average reel with a special, magnetic-oil seal. That magnetic oil—the namesake behind Magsealed—has been on the market for four years in Daiwa’s top-of-the-line models. But the technology has now found its way down throughout the entire price range of Daiwa reels.

That means store owners and anglers can pick up Magsealed reels for as little as $150.

“It started out in the Saltiga and Certate series,” said Daiwa USA Marketing Manager Curt Arakawa. “The Saltiga reel sells for over $1,000 and the Certate sells for $500 for example, and that is because the oil is expensive.

What we’ve been able to do now is bring the technology down to lower line reels and make it more cost affordable for the general public.”

Arakawa says Magsealed is now available in the new Ballistic EX (MSRP $200) and Procyon EX (MSRP $150) models, as well as the higher end Isla (MSRP $700) and Saltiga series. Dealers can get more information on how to bring these lines into your stores by visiting Daiwa’s website or calling them at (800) 653-2492.

In the four years that Magsealed was only available on the Saltiga and Certate models, Arakawa says the company’s engineers were able to learn a lot from professional-grade testers. “The hardcore guys used it and love it. They will take the information that they have learned and continue to advance the technology in the future. The oil helps rotation and makes it a smoother reel with less maintenance.”

For retailers near the salt and anglers out in the spray, Daiwa’s new technology is a no-brainer. Anglers will appreciate the longer life of their investment. Retailers will appreciate the extra benefit to their customers.

And that means fishermen with locked-up reels everywhere can stop wondering “what if?”