Southwick: Plano Leads Tackle Storage Sales

Plano, IL  – In a recent internet-based survey of nearly 16,000 anglers completed by Southwick Associates, the nation’s premier outdoors market research firm, participants said they purchased Plano tackle storage products more in 2014 than any other brand.

Plano’s continuous drive for innovation comes from a company dynamic rooted in over sixty years of making quality products that are meaningful to anglers.  In an age of corporate conglomerates, there’s often an unfortunate and growing disconnect between company personnel and the ultimate consumers they serve; not so with Plano Molding, which – top to bottom – remains a company of fishermen for fishermen.

Ryan Kleckner, Plano Vice President of Engineering, is not unlike the typical Plano customer.  “We’re driven to make the fishermen’s experience more efficient and, ultimately, more enjoyable,” says Kleckner, who spends time on the water each year himself, along with family and friends.“Any time we can save an angler by keeping him or her more organized means more time spent doing what they enjoy… that’s real value.”

“Individual preferences are also very real,” says Kleckner, “And we continually push ourselves to develop multiple solutions to tackle storage challenges… from soft bags to molded products and modular component systems, Plano continues to innovate on all fronts,” he concludes.

Indeed, Plano engineers and manufactures over 170 unique tackle storage products – more than any other manufacturer – including the new-for-2015 Plano Hybrid Hip Tackle Boxes and Marine Storage Trunks.



The new Plano Hybrid Hip StowAway Box and Hybrid Hip Tray Box add an unparalleled level of functionality and sophistication to the traditional, telescoping three-tray design. Instead of opening your treasure chest of tackle into a trio of fixed and slotted trays, you’re yielded creative license to customize the arrangement with surgical precision.

Plano VP of Engineering Ryan Kleckner says versatility is what makes the Hybrid Hip Box so unique. “Instead of being categorized as a top-loading or front-loading tackle box, they do both. You can access the individual trays without opening the top, or go ahead and open it up and let the trays telescope-out for total access.”

Each tray doubles as a drawer. Open the clear outer door like an oven and access your chosen tray. Open the top of the tackle box, and the same trays are accessible and viewable from a vulture’s perspective. (Discover a hot bait and friends become scavenging birds of prey…)    

Both durable boxes offer generous belly space for housing fishing line, bags of plastics, pliers…and even more Plano StowAway utility boxes! The lids feature two top-access storage areas. Three heavy-duty brass-bailed latches keep matters managed internally. 

Plano’s new large-drawer and tray design is available in two configurations. The Hybrid Hip Tray Box features three conventional, removable trays. The more premium Hybrid Hip StowAway Box comes with a trifecta of Plano ProLatch™ 3700 utility boxes – each box (14″ x 9.13″ x 2″) sporting 4-24 customizable compartments.


  • Drop down front door allows for easy access to StowAway® Utility boxes
  • Includes two 3700 series and one 3701 StowAway® utility boxes
  • Two top-access storage areas
  • Three heavy duty brass-bailed latches
  • Large bulk storage area
  • 20”L x 12.5”W x 12.375”H


  • Drop down front door allows for easy access to drawers
  • Drawers are removable, allowing StowAway® utilities to be stored in their place
  • Two top-access storage areas
  • Three heavy duty brass-bailed latches
  • Large bulk storage area
  • 20”L x 12.5”W x 12.375”H



Seems like no matter how big your boat, there’s never enough storage. In fact, the bigger the boat, the more essentials you need for a day on the water. From PFDs to extra clothing, rain gear, species and technique specific gear and tackle, emergency and tool kits, fenders, you name it, sometimes it feels like we need a boat to tow behind the boat – one for fishing and one for gear.

Available in three introductory sizes, Plano Marine Trunks are the perfect storage solution. A clean boat is a happy boat.

Plano Marine Trunks have been painstakingly designed to take a beating from the water, salt and sun – even your bull in a china shop buddy who breaks everything. Nope, not your Plano Marine Trunk. These babies are made to withstand the rigors of real-world use like sucker punches from rough seas, off-road transport and shoves from dock onto deck.

These tough trunks are molded from a UV resistant HDPE material that resists fading, heat damage and ensures years of use and abuse. All sizes feature an O-ring seal to ensure contents stay dry and out of the elements. Go ahead and stack ‘em high. The reinforced, molded-groove lid is designed to support heavy loads without cracking or splitting.  Finally, Plano Marine Trunks also feature sturdy, removable and easy to open/close buckles and molded ports that make securing your trunks easy with standard tie-down straps and padlocks.


161960 – 56 Quart Marine Storage Trunk / 24.00” x 15.00” x 13.00”

171960 – 68 Quart Marine Storage Trunk / 30.00” x 14.25” x 12.75”

191960 – 108 Quart Marine Storage Trunk / 37.75” x 14” x 18.25”